Is off the hook a metaphor?

Is off the hook a metaphor?

Off the hook comes from fishing, where if a fish gets “off the hook” then it is free and will not end up as food. It’s used metaphorically whenever you are in a bad situation, but get out of it.

Is off the hook an allusion?

An allusion to a fish caught on the hook of a fishing line.

What literary device is but that doesnt mean youre completely off the hook?


What does off the track mean?

Away from one’s objective, train of thought, or a sequence of events, It is often put as get or put or throw off the track, as in Your question has gotten me off the track, or The interruption threw Mom off the track and she forgot what she’d already put into the stew.

What does off the rails mean?

: to lose control and start to behave in a way that is not normal or acceptable He was a promising student but he went off the rails after he started taking drugs.

Is off the chain a saying?

(idiomatic) Free from work or direct supervision. In reference to slave labor, where workers are chained, or to the figurative chain of workers of an assembly line. (African American Vernacular) Crazy and exciting; delirious and wild.

What does being on the rails mean?

If someone stays on the rails, they live and behave in a way which is acceptable. She was in a steady relationship and that kept her on the rails. Note: If someone is back on the rails, their life is going well again after a period when it was going badly.

What does Chain mean in slang?

“Chain” is slang for a gold or silver chain necklace. A chain is a status symbol, particularly in rap and hip hop. Don’t look rich, I ain’t got no chain (huh) – Chance the Rapper, “No Brainer.

What do rappers call chains?

Hip Hop Bracelets As you might have guessed, these bracelets are usually gold, silver, chains, completely covered in diamonds or also called micro pave hip hop jewelry. Hip Hop bracelets usually come in 6 to 10 mm in thickness and 8 to 9 inches in length.

What is ball and chain slang for?

: something that limits one’s freedom or ability to do things Drugs are a ball and chain for many people. (old-fashioned) He referred to his wife as “the ball and chain.”

What is another name for jewelry?

other words for jewelry

  • bracelet.
  • brooch.
  • glass.
  • gold.
  • jewel.
  • ornament.
  • treasure.
  • trinket.

What’s another word for necklace?

other words for necklace

  • choker.
  • jewelry.
  • pendant.
  • strand.
  • beads.
  • locket.
  • pearls.
  • string.

What do you call a chain around your neck?

A plain metal chain worn around the neck can be called a necklace. The same metal chain decorated with beads, pearls, diamonds, or crystals is also considered a necklace.

What is another word for pendant?

What is another word for pendant?

lavaliere lavalliere
charm bangle
pendent ornament
trinket bauble
amulet bijou

What is another name for chain?

Chain Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for chain?

series string
procession concatenation
set consecution
nexus catena
catenation trail

What’s the opposite of a chain?

What is the opposite of chain?

disconnect disjoin
disjoint dissever
disunite separate
uncouple unhitch
unlink unyoke

What is the meaning of handcuff?

: a metal fastening that can be locked around a wrist and is usually connected by a chain or bar with another such fastening —usually used in plural. handcuff. verb. handcuffed; handcuffing; handcuffs.

What do we call chain in English?

2 : something that confines, restrains, or secures. 3a : a series of things linked, connected, or associated together a chain of events a mountain chain. b : a group of enterprises or institutions of the same kind or function usually under a single ownership, management, or control fast-food chains.

Why is a chain called a chain?

The chain was originally called an “acre’s breadth”, because it was the width of a acre, while a furlong was the length. Edmund Gunter, a clergyman and mathematician, invented a measuring device called a chain. The chain was 66 ft (20 m) long. It was divided by 100 in small metal links.

What is the symbolism of a chain?

Chains consist of the circles that are linked together. There are no beginning and no end, just like everything in the world that is eternal. Of course, through centuries, chains had also have less positive connotations. They became the symbol of imprisonment, slavery, oppression and great pain.

What is a chain lock?

Chain locks are made up of a series of hardened steel links (usually inside a protective nylon sleeve) and a lock. The lock can be integrated into the chain, or it can be a separate padlock. Chain locks are far, far heavier than u-locks offering equivalent levels of security.

Is chain or U-lock better?

For stationary security (usually at home or at work), then a thick, heavy chain is better than any u-lock. They are more secure and much better suited to a home environment where you are unlikely to have a handy bike rack to slip your u-lock round and may want to secure several bikes at once.

Is a chain or D Lock better?

D locks are more secure than portable chains and often have better sold secure ratings. Normally D locks cost the same if not less than portable chains. If you want the most secure D Lock, that’s portable, super secure and completely bolt cutter proof, you’ll want to use the same one as I do.