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Is plop a word?

Is plop a word?

verb (used without object), plopped, plop·ping. to drop or fall with full force or direct impact: He plopped into a chair.

Why does plop mean?

1 : to move with or make a sound like that of something dropping into water Ice cubes plopped into the glass. 2 : to sit or lie down heavily She plopped into her chair. 3 : to place or drop heavily He plopped the tray down.

What is plop in slang?

(UK) Slang for excrement, derived from the “plop” sound made when the former hits water in a toilet. noun.

How do you use plopped in a sentence?

Plopped sentence example. She took a deep breath and plopped down of the sofa. She plopped a piece of flat bread over the top then sat down with her own plate. “You’re not due until tomorrow,” Dean said as Fred dropped his cardboard suitcase and plopped into his easy chair.

What’s another word for plop?

What is another word for plop?

flop flump
plump plunk
drop toss
place put
lay set

What is the opposite of Plop?

Opposite of to throw down or land clumsily or loosely. ascend. increase.

What does plop down mean?

informal. 1 : to sit or lie down in a heavy or careless way They plopped down on the floor.

What does preg mean?

Filters. (informal) Pregnant. adjective. 0.

What is a ploop?

Filters. (onomatopoeia) The sound of a small object falling in liquid. The pebbles went ploop and sunk to the bottom of the pond.

What is the meaning of ironic?

: using words that mean the opposite of what you really think especially in order to be funny. : strange or funny because something (such as a situation) is different from what you expected. See the full definition for ironic in the English Language Learners Dictionary. ironic.

What’s an ironic smile?

This means for one to fake a smile, to pretend to be happy with someone or a group of people by mere playing on the cards of body language to win them over. An ironic smile is mostly used by some people mostly politicians, marketers, celebrities and many other personalities.

Does ironic mean weird?

If you say that it is ironic that something should happen, you mean that it is odd or amusing because it involves a contrast. …

How are people ironic incorrectly?

Often the word ironic is misused to remark on a coincidence, such as This is the third time today we’ve run into each other. How ironic. It is also mistakenly used to describe something out of the ordinary or unusual: Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day in November. It was really ironic.

What is an example of ironic?

For example, two friends coming to a party in the same dress is a coincidence. But two friends coming to the party in the same dress after promising not to wear that dress would be situational irony — you’d expect them to come in other clothes, but they did the opposite.

Which of these is an example of paradox?

For example, “jumbo shrimp” is an oxymoron. It would be a paradox if shrimp necessarily meant “something small.” But shrimp can also mean a specific animal, and thus the apparent paradox is just an illusion.