Is Pluma masculine or feminine in French?

Is Pluma masculine or feminine in French?

“La pluma” means the feather, but where I’m from it also means pen. “La lápizera” Is another substitute for pen here. Hope this helped! Because gender is for words and grammatical; sex is for men and women and animals.

Does Pluma mean feather?

“Pluma” can mean feather or pen. “Bolígrafo”, also known as “bolí” usually refers to a ballpoint pen.

What does una pluma?

pluma, la ~ (f) fountain-pen, the ~ Noun.

Is pencil in Spanish male or female?

Masculine nouns that end with “z” (exceptions): The rice – el arroz. The fish – el pez. The pencil – el lápiz.

Is pencil a feminine?

For inanimate things or abstract ideas etc., the gender of the noun in these cases is quite arbitrary. The word for pencil “crayon” for example is masculine in French, whereas the word television “télévision” is feminine. This way you will learn that the word pencil should be “le crayon”.

What do you call a quiet person?

Unsociable, Silent, Withdrawn, Standoffish, Reclusive, Uncommunicative, Backward, and Introverted.

How do you say quiet person?


  1. 1 dumb, hushed, inaudible, low, low-pitched, noiseless, peaceful, silent, soft, soundless.
  2. 2 calm, contented, gentle, mild, motionless, pacific, peaceful, placid, restful, serene, smooth, tranquil, untroubled.
  3. 3 isolated, private, retired, secluded, secret, sequestered, undisturbed, unfrequented.

How do you say keep quiet nicely?

Ways of telling someone to stop talking or to be quiet – thesaurus

  1. be quiet. phrase. used for telling someone to stop talking or to stop making a noise.
  2. keep your voice down. phrase. used for telling someone to be quiet.
  3. shh. interjection.
  4. sh. interjection.
  5. shush. interjection.
  6. zip it. phrase.
  7. keep down. phrasal verb.
  8. ssh. interjection.

What is a quiet personality?

An introvert is a person with qualities of a personality type known as introversion, which means that they feel more comfortable focusing on their inner thoughts and ideas, rather than what’s happening externally. When you hear the word introvert, you might think of someone who’s shy or quiet and prefers to be alone.

Is being quiet attractive?

Because of introverts’ natural tendency to devour books and observe others, they often develop an especially reflective and rich inner world. Your quiet may be just the attractive magnet that leads an extrovert to introduce him or herself. So consider your thoughtful nature to be an attractive quality—and own it!