Is Pokemon ethereal Gates dead?

Is Pokemon ethereal Gates dead?

This is Evan Starr, game director for Pokémon Ethereal Gates, here to let you know that, yes, we’re still working on the game, we’re progressing, we’re not dead, and you’ve got a lot to look forward to. Our next developer update will be coming this August, and we’ll have some fun goodies then to show off!

What happened to Pokemon ethereal gates?

Pokémon Ethereal Gates has been rebranded to Pokémon Sea & Sky.

Is Pokemon Sage Complete?

Sage is a self contained experience. It can be fully completed without any external interaction with other games, events or services. All Pokémon, locations and characters are original to this game.

Is Pokemon Jade complete?

The completed version of Pokémon Jade will officially release on December 1, 2020. Get hyped! Support our co-director rpgfaker’s personal project, an awesome action RPG called Essence Bond! Our big update is here!

Who created Pokemon sage?

Pokémon Sage
Developer(s) /vp/
Publisher(s) /vp/
Engine RPG Maker
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows

Why is Pokémon Uranium banned?

In August 2016, after one and a half million downloads, the download links for Pokémon Uranium were taken down from the official website because the developers wanted to “respect Nintendo’s wishes”, after receiving multiple DMCA takedown notice letters from lawyers representing Nintendo.

How do I evolve Cupiny into Jade?

6.6 lbs. Cupiny is a Fairy Pokemon. It evolves into Cupinette by leveling up with happiness.

Who made Pokemon Jade?


Pokémon Diamond and Jade
Publisher Unknown
Developer Unknown
Original developer Smilesoft
Console Game Boy Color

Is Pokemon Sage still in development?

Not long after, people began mobilizing to create a game around these Pokémon, and thus Pokémon Sage was born. In early 2015, Sage moved off of /vp/ to private development channels and continued working, no longer interacting with the anonymous users of /vp/.

Is Pokemon Sage real?

Pokémon Sage takes place in a fictional region called Urobos. Urobos is loosely based on Central and South America, with many Pokémon, though not all, being related to the real-life region. It features a lush jungle to the south-west, snowy mountains to the north-west, and a huge inescapable desert to the south.

Who created Pokémon Uranium?

Pokémon Uranium is primarily the work of two creators, the pseudonymous “JV” and “Twitch”. The pair wrote the game for PC using RPG Maker XP. Despite being completely unofficial and unauthorised, it’s a terrifically ambitious project.

Who is the creator of Pokemon ethereal gates?

This is the official Wiki for Pokémon Ethereal Gates, a fan made Pokémon game, not affiliated with Nintendo, GAMEFREAK, or Creatures Inc. Pokémon Ethereal Gates was created by the team from Perihelion Productions. Ethereal Gates is made in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials.

Where does the game ethereal Gates take place?

Ethereal Gates is made in RPG Maker XP and Pokémon Essentials. The game is set in Leneka, a fan made region with only new Pokémon. When editing Base stats and EV sections, remember that the game files list the stats in the order : HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense.

When does volansalix evolve in Pokemon ethereal gates?

Volansalix is a dual-type Grass / Flying Pokémon. It evolves from Volpant starting at level 32. It is the final form of Fernling . This Pokémon can fly to an altitude of 4000 ft and is said to outspeed even some jet planes. Evolve Volpant .