Is Prickly a word?

Is Prickly a word?

adjective, prick·li·er, prick·li·est. full of troublesome points: a prickly problem. prickling; smarting: a prickly sensation.

What does it mean when someone is prickly?

Someone who is prickly loses their temper or gets upset very easily. You know how prickly she is. Synonyms: irritable, edgy, grumpy, touchy More Synonyms of prickly.

What is a prickle used for?

to prick lightly. to cause a pricking or tingling sensation in.

Is Prickly an adverb?

prickly adjective (SHARP)

What things are prickly?

Porcupines and cactuses are prickly, and so is the next-door neighbor who is constantly irritated with you. The first thing that was described as prickly, in the 1570s, was a holly leaf. having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

What’s another word for prickly?

Prickly Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for prickly?

irritable petulant
crotchety irascible
pettish fretful
touchy waspish
crabbed snappish

What is the opposite of prickly?

Antonyms: good-natured, unarmed. Synonyms: briary, barbed, setose, waspish, bristled, splenic, burred, bristly, barbellate, setaceous, briery, burry, splenetic, spiny, thorny, lienal. barbed, barbellate, briary, briery, bristled, bristly, burred, burry, prickly, setose, setaceous, spiny, thornyadjective.

What is the antonym of prickly?

What is the opposite of prickly?

affable easy-going
unconcerned easy
carefree unruffled
untroubled equable
blithe mellow

What is the meaning of crotchety?

1 : given to crotchets (see crotchet sense 2a) : subject to whims, crankiness, or ill temper a crotchety old man a crotchety critic.

Is crotchety a bad word?

The adjective crotchety describes someone who’s difficult, irritable, and ornery. If you’re crotchety, you complain and argue and are more or less miserable to be around.

What does crotchety and sullen mean?

having a difficult and contrary disposition. She was as crotchety and sullen as a three-legged mule, and I was not quite sure why. sullen. showing a brooding ill humor. She was as crotchety and sullen as a three-legged mule, and I was not quite sure why.

Does sullen mean sad?

Sullen means being withdrawn and appearing sad. An example of sullen is a child who dropped an ice cream on the ground. Slow-moving; sluggish. The definition of sullen is something that appears dull or dark.

What’s another way to say abide by?

What is another word for abide by?

acknowledge concede
shake on endorse
agree comply
accede assent
concur acquiesce

How do you use abide in a sentence?

Abide sentence example

  1. I don’t need to abide by the rules.
  2. If the employee decides not to abide by the contract, he will surely lose his job.
  3. The one thing my parents cannot abide is blatant disobedience.
  4. If you abide by the guidelines, you are sure to succeed with the project.

What is another word for strict?

What is another word for strict?

harsh rigid
hard rigorous
severe stern
stringent tough
dour inflexible