Is Ruby a Greek name?

Is Ruby a Greek name?

Ruby is a predominantly feminine given name taken from the name of the gemstone ruby….Ruby (given name)

Gender female
Word/name Latin
Meaning “ruby”
Other names

How do you say Ruby in Latin?

Latin translation: rubeus

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3 rubeus Kirill Semenov

What does the name Ella mean in Greek?

Greek, Norman, Hebrew. Meaning. ‘beautiful, fairy Maiden, Goddess.

What does Ella mean in other languages?

The different meanings of the name Ella are: French meaning: Foreign. Greek meaning: Illumination. Spanish meaning: A woman. English meaning: Beautiful fairy woman. Teutonic meaning: Of all.

What does the name Ella mean in Arabic?

In Arabic, it means ‘peace and safety,’ and in Persian, it means ‘sweetheart. ‘ 237. Ella is a Christian Greek baby girl name.

What is the full name for Ella?

Meaning of the name Ella A popular name in its own right but also commonly used as a short form of many other names such as Eleanor, Ellen, Elizabeth, Isabella and Arabella.

Is Ella a rare name?

Following in the path of Emma and Isabella/Bella, Ella shot up the charts in the new millennium: it rose from Number 265 in 2000 to a high of Number 15 in 2013 and has stayed just outside the US Top 10, making it one of the most popular girl names starting with E, which includes Number 1 Emma, longtime favorites Emily …

Is Ella a Turkish name?

It is a nickname for Elen, Eliška, Elizabeth, Elektra, Angela or Eleanor. In Turkish Ela means Hazel. Notable people with the name include: Ela of Salisbury, 3rd Countess of Salisbury (1187–1261), English noblewoman.

What is a good nickname for Ella?

Here are popular nicknames for Ella:

  • Elle.
  • Ela.
  • Alia.
  • Ellie/Elly.
  • Elz/Els.
  • Elsie.
  • Eli.
  • El/Ell/L.

Is Ella a religious name?

Ella is baby girl name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Greek. Ella name meanings is Elfin, beautiful fairy-woman.

What is Ella short for?

Save to list. What does Ella mean? A short form of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning “light.” It can also mean “beautiful fairy woman” in English, and “all” or “other” in German. Well-known Ellas: singer Ella Fitzgerald; title character in the book Ella Enchanted; Cinderella.

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