Is terrific bad or good?

Is terrific bad or good?

adjective. extraordinarily great or intense: terrific speed. extremely good; wonderful: a terrific vacation. causing terror; terrifying.

What does it mean terrific?

1 : unusually fine : magnificent terrific weather. 2 : extraordinary terrific speed. 3a : exciting or fit to excite fear or awe a terrific thunderstorm. b : very bad : frightful.

How do you spell the word terrifically?

1With great intensity; to a great extent. ‘It’s terrifically difficult for her to cross the sitting-room to her favorite chair. ‘ ‘The seat is terrifically frayed, almost threadbare now.

What is another word for terrific?

What is another word for terrific?

excellent wonderful
great marvellousUK
fantastic superb
amazing fine
glorious grand

Why does terrific mean good?

The positive “terrific” dates to the slang-heavy flapper era, where “killer” also became a playful positive. “Egregious,” a word that made the opposite crossing from positive to negative (it used to mean notable, excellent), also appears to have arisen from an ironic use.

Can a person be terrific?

1 adj If you describe something or someone as terrific, you are very pleased with them or very impressed by them.

What is a terrific day?

adj. 1 very great or intense.

What does Super Terrific mean?

: more than terrific : exceptionally good or pleasing a superterrific surprise.

What is the opposite of terrific?

Antonyms: mild, ordinary, unalarming. terrific, terrifyingadjective. causing extreme terror.

Is terrific formal?

These are all informal words that describe someone or something that is very good, pleasant, enjoyable, etc. (Fabulous is slightly more old-fashioned than the other words in this set.) terrific (informal) extremely good; wonderful:She’s doing a terrific job.

What makes a person terrific?

If you describe something or someone as terrific, you are very pleased with them or very impressed by them. What a terrific idea! Terrific means very great in amount, degree, or intensity.

How do you use terrific?

Terrific sentence example

  1. War broke out in 1665, and was marked by a series of terrific battles.
  2. If nothing else, Wynn was going to make a terrific friend.
  3. ” Terrific !” said Dean, shaking the young man’s hand.

What is the meaning of terrific number?

Max: 2000 Characters. Save. A number is “terrific” if it is a multiple of 2 or 3.

How is terrific used in a sentence?

(1) He was really terrific when I was in trouble. (2) Darren drove at a terrific speed. (3) He had a terrific sense of humour and could be very amusing. (4) You look terrific in that dress.

What’s the root word of terrific?

terrific (adj.) 1660s, “frightening,” from Latin terrificus “causing terror or fear, frightful,” from terrere “fill with fear” (see terrible) + combining form of facere “to make” (from PIE root *dhe- “to set, put”).

What is the difference between terrific and terrifying?

As adjectives the difference between terrifying and terrific is that terrifying is frightening or intimidating while terrific is (colloquial) frighteningly good.

How did terrific change meaning?

The meaning of terrific has actually changed over time. According to EtymOnline: 1660s, “frightening,” from L. terrificus “causing terror or fear,” from terrere “fill with fear” (see terrible) + root of facere “to make” (see factitious).

Can terrific be used negatively?

Today, we still use “terrific” in this negative, terrifying sense, as when we speak of a “terrific explosion.” But during the 20th century, “terrific” took on an additional, more positive meaning: “unusually fine, magnificent, splendid.”

What does a terrific person mean?

(tərɪfɪk ) 1. adjective. If you describe something or someone as terrific, you are very pleased with them or very impressed by them. [informal]

Is terrific positive word?

Is horror short for horrible?

Horrible and horrific are both related to horror but the words have different connotations. While horrible can be used to refer to something that is not liked or is disagreeable, horrific is a somewhat stronger adjective used to describe things which upset and frighten by their sheer mention.

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Why is terrific positive?