Is the main character the protagonist?

Is the main character the protagonist?

Protagonist comes from a Greek word for the principal actor in a drama. In modern literature, the protagonist drives the story forward by pursuing a goal. The protagonist of a story is sometimes called the main character. The protagonist of a story is opposed by an antagonist.

What is a protagonist and antagonist?

Protagonists and antagonists are both essential characters in a story, but they propel the plot in different and usually opposite ways: The protagonist works toward the central story goals, while the antagonist works against the goals. The words “protagonist” and “antagonist” are antonyms.

What makes a character the protagonist?

The concept of a protagonist comes from Ancient Greek drama, where the term originally meant, “the player of the first part or the chief actor.” In film today, the protagonist is the character who drives the plot, pursues the main goal of the story, and usually changes or grows over the course of the film.

How is Rainsford smart?

Rainsford’s intelligence in the story. He has to try to survive. This is one example of how intelligent he is because it shows how he can use prior knowledge to get out of a quick situation. Another example of foreshadowing of Rainsford’s intelligence is when he dug a Burmese tiger pit.

How did Rainsford outsmart zaroff?

In Connell’s short story The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford was able to defeat General Zaroff. In the end, Rainsford is able to beat Zaroff by killing him. Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. Rainsford returns to Zaroff’s castle, surprises him, and kills him.

What is zaroff upset about when he gets home from the failed hunt?

Weegy: Zaroff upset about when he gets home from the failed hunt because He missed Ivan and was sad to lose his one friend.

Did Rainsford fight in a war?

Zaroff is fully aware that Rainsford was in the army. Almost every man his age would have fought in World War I. During the hunt, Rainsford does use his war experience to aid him in evading Zaroff. The combination of hunting skills and war experience indeed makes him a formidable foe.

What do Rainsford and Whitney disagree on?

Rainsford is convinced that animals do not possess emotional intelligence. For his part, Whitney disagrees. He maintains that animals do fear pain and death; furthermore, they cherish their own survival. Rainsford soon discovers that there is truth in Whitney’s words when he becomes “the hunted” on Ship-Trap Island.