Is the sinnis Apache any good?

Is the sinnis Apache any good?

It’s a seriously good-looking bike with some lovely attention to detail. The chunky, grippy footpegs are a nice touch as is the huge alloy swing-arm that’s bigger than you’d have found on a 100bhp, 750cc superbike in the 1980s. Likewise the sturdy upside-down front forks.

Are parts still available for Victory motorcycles?

Models in production at closing time will still have parts available but expect them to be non painted and such as time goes on. Accessories on the other hand you are stuck with only used or the few aftermarket things still available. So it’s good to try finding a bike with most stuff you want on it.

Are sinnis motorcycles reliable?

My grandson owns Sinnis SC125, They are very reasonably priced, was stolen recovered and it was a nice surprise that the parts were very reasonably priced. Engine wise very reliable, rest of it is reliable but you have to keep on top of maintenance they don’t like being neglected.

Is the sinnis hoodlum a good bike?

Summary. The Sinnis Hoodlum is a decent 125cc cruiser, what it might lack in some respects it more than makes up for with that awesome styling and low price. Sinnis have put a lot into the styling of the Hoodlum and that really tells, I think most 125 owners would be proud to have this as their ride.

Where is sinnis hoodlum made?

Peeking into the engine Surprising trivia about the engine of Hoodlum 125 is that it is manufactured in the partner factory where the Harley Davidson’s are made, so you have a good idea of the quality that you expect when you buy this monster of a cruiser.

Where are sinnis bikes made?

Where are Sinnis Motorcycles and Scooters Manufactured? Sinnis are based in the UK (Brighton) with a large dealer network of over 120 dealers, including Malta, Portugal and Slovakia etc. We have excellent links with a small number of factories producing bikes for us in the far-east.

Is the Sinnis Apache 125cc worth the money?

Cheap to run, easy to service and still worth decent money when it’s time to move up. Sinnis are one of the more progressive Chinese manufacturers and have a range of 125cc machines that cover everything from retro-cool to look-at-me supermotos like this one.

What kind of engine does a Sinnis 125sm have?

11bhp is three bhp down on the latest water-cooled Japanese engines and there’s none of the midrange-boosting variable valve-timing technology you’ll find on the latest Yamaha R125. Sinnis use the same air-cooled engine in all their 125cc range.

What kind of exhaust system does Sinnis Apache have?

As standard, the Sinnis Apache comes with a stainless steel exhaust, but you also have the option of a full Toro exhaust system with tail tidy, luggage rack and other accessories for increased performance and street style. Make it your own, with upgrades available from the Sinnis parts department on 01273 020965.

Which is better a Chinese bike or a Sinnis?

And for many people, their first 125 is also usually a bike that gets kept for the shortest time possible. Depreciation on Chinese bikes can be steep but Sinnis are built better than many and should hold more of their value for longer, if looked after.