Knowing the Lingo: Essential When Pursuing a Career in the Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry has been steadily ballooning over recent years and is forecasted to be worth a whopping $92 billion in 2023. From casino floors to the administrative offices behind the gaming and branding of an establishment, there are a variety of career paths to be pursued in this flourishing sector. However, one thing is certain regardless of which path you choose: it is imperative to have a firm knowledge of the language used in the sector.

What Jobs can you get in the Gambling Industry?

There are numerous jobs that you can choose from in the gambling industry: it all depends on your interests and skills. For those who enjoy interacting with clientele, it’s worth looking into the customer-facing roles such as customer service (both in-store or online).

Of course, a prominent facet of the casino industry is customer service, as experts are always required to enhance workforces and maintain good relationships with users. From troubleshooting basic functionality queries to opening investigations, where required, the role of a customer service expert is to ensure that the customer is always heard and that solutions can be found when there’s an issue.

Some of the biggest names in the business pride themselves on the high quality of customer support they can offer. For instance, William Hill has put the customer first since 1934, in its brick-and-mortar establishments, and continues to do so with its online services. Despite adapting to the modern era and navigating the world of automated online systems, William Hill still boasts a highly responsive customer service live chat facility that delivers personalized advice relative to each query.

Another role that would put you face to face with the clientele would be as a live croupier at an online casino. Live streaming of casino games is hugely popular now, and sites are eager to expand their services by offering more games. Another option would be to design the websites or games that people play, and this could be a wise career path for coders.

Knowing the Lingo is Crucial

Whether you choose to go down the route of customer service, website building, or hosting one of the games at a live casino, knowing the industry-specific language is crucial. You need to have a wide vocabulary of gambling words to be able to perform your role correctly, but also to foster rapport with the customers.

According to research from Cairn, language is one of the key elements in forging a connection between people. Different individuals can come together by conversing on the same level, using a lexicon that both can understand and relate to. People who play gambling games are likely to have developed a habit of using certain words that only gamblers would use. They’ll expect customer service staff and croupiers to use the same words like them.

What are Some of the Key Gambling Words you Need to Know?

When it comes to learning the vocabulary of gambling, it would be helpful to master the words most closely related to your field first. For customer service representatives, users may have questions about things like wagering requirements. This is when winnings from bonuses have to be wagered a certain number of times before they can be withdrawn.

For dealers, there are a lot of languages to master. You need to know what doubling down and splitting mean, and you may also be called upon to give advice to players at certain times. All of the lexica can be picked up over time, but it’s wise to have the foundations in place before you start work.

As Easier With Practice acknowledges, rapport is vital in customer-employee relations, and learning gambling-specific language could very well be a productive way to establish rapport. This is one of the key things that online betting sites and casinos look for, and with the competitive market out there it’s good to have the edge.