The subject of phenomenology

Phenomenology – a path within the twentieth century’s viewpoint, determining its task – description of the choice inside it of important perfect faculties and also the knowledge of the awareness.

Husserl puts forward the aim of creating a common technology (common viewpoint, common ontology) that describes the “all embracing oneness to be,” which may have a truly demanding validation and offered like a validation for all different sciences, knowledge generally. This type of technology must certainly be phenomenology.


Individual is unveiled to be on the planet with others, like consciousness and self-consciousness, like love and hate, as knowledge and creative inventiveness, as will and wish, concern and mind, independence and demise, equally religious and bodily, as heartbreaking, witty and minor being. their structure as well as these basic phenomena would be the topic of viewpoint that is phenomenology, or phenomenological.

The fundamental theory of phenomenology and the mechanisms of consciousness is “towards the issues themselves”, meaning: to conquer prejudices and expectations, to obtain gone the typical attitudes and enforced assumptions, to maneuver from methodological designs and clichés and change towards the main, primary experience of awareness by which issues seem never as items already-existing ideas, factors of watch, perceptions, never as something which we take a look at through the eyes of others, but as something which itself discloses itself to us within the primary encounter. “the items” are unveiled to us whenever we start them to generally meet them, whenever we don’t avoid them from showing before us because they are – just like someone else discloses herself to us whenever we pay attention to him, , nor benefit him whenever we are deprived Prejudice and get a unique feeling, altering our typical, daily configurations.

Phenomenology provides to review individual subjectivity and self-defense to be able to plainly detect what goes to the awareness, and what – towards the topic. Within this element, phenomenology is definitely an – path that is Kantian, though in certain factors that are additional some commonalities can be found by one.

Merely an explanation, about the one hand, of a, or factor (again within the largest sense), and about the different hand, perceiving this factor of subjectivity, can provide us use of “finished itself”. Consequently, the method’s foundation is just an explanation, although not a style or creativity.

About the introduction of phenomenology within the second-half of the XIX, the educational degree – XX century. Was brought on by the department, first, of the topics and ways of mindset and organic technology, subsequently, of mindset and viewpoint (within the facet of the issue of awareness), and finally, of mindset and reasoning.

Phenomenology’s founding father is Husserl predecessors are Stump and Brentano. Phenomenology isn’t a philosophical that is shut college, but extensive philosophical motions, by which currently within an early interval you will find habits that aren’t reducible towards Husserl’s viewpoint – M’s theories. Schemer. Heidegger; the number of phenomenologists’ work.