Was a pleasure meeting you in person?

Was a pleasure meeting you in person?

This is a polite phrase that you say to someone that you’ve just met for the first time at the end of the conversation. It’s a bit formal. If you made a lot of jokes with this person during your conversation, you might use the casual version. …

What is meaning of Pleased to meet you?

A2. a polite way of greeting someone when you meet them for the first time.

What is the meaning of glad?

1a : experiencing pleasure, joy, or delight : made happy. b : very willing glad to do it. c : made pleased, satisfied, or grateful —often used with of was glad of their help. 2a : marked by, expressive of, or caused by happiness and joy a glad shout. b : causing happiness and joy : pleasant glad tidings.

What can I say instead of I’m glad?

What is another word for glad?

happy pleased
gleeful overjoyed
satisfied joyful
elated thrilled
blissful cheerful

Does glad mean happy?

It means happy or pleased. Glad doesn’t quite mean jumping for joy — it’s more a state of contentment and pleasure.

What does I’m so glad mean?

1 happy and pleased; contented. 2 causing happiness or contentment. 3 postpositive; foll by: to very willing.

What’s the difference between happy and glad?

The difference between Glad and Happy. When used as adjectives, glad means pleased, happy, gratified, whereas happy means having a feeling arising from a consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment.

Is glad a formal word?

Thanks for your help! To be glad is more informal. To be pleased is more formal. It is used both formally and informally.

What is another name for Glad?


  • blissful,
  • chuffed.
  • [British],
  • delighted,
  • gratified,
  • happy,
  • joyful,
  • joyous,

What is the opposite of glad?

Antonym of Glad

Word Antonym
Glad Sad, Sorry
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How do you say thank you casually?

6 ways for saying ‘thank you’ casually and politely in daily life!

  1. I’m so glad that you come to cheer me up. I’m deeply touched.
  2. I didn’t expect you to bring an extra jacket for me. How thoughtful of you!
  3. Thanks so much for preparing the birthday party for me.
  4. You are always there to have my back. Thank you so much.