What are all the examples of conflict in the Hobbit?

What are all the examples of conflict in the Hobbit?

In The Hobbit, the primary external conflict is the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain (while many minor external conflicts include Gollum, the orcs, and the spiders), and the primary internal conflict is Bilbo adventurous spirit (his ‘Took’ side) and his desire to be home and comfortable (his ‘Baggins’ side).

What is the initial conflict between Gandalf and the dwarves in Chapter 1 of The Hobbit?

The initial conflict between Gandalf and the dwarves concerns their estimation of Bilbo’s strengths and his suitability as a member of their expedition. Bilbo Baggins is a simple character—or at least that is what readers are led to believe as the story begins.

What happened to the trolls in The Hobbit?

Gandalf returns and tricks the trolls into staying out past dawn and they turn to stone, because trolls must be underground during the day. Gandalf and Bilbo free the dwarves. They find the trolls’ secret cave and help themselves to food, clothes, swords, and gold coins, and then they go to sleep.

Why can the trolls in The Hobbit talk?

1 Answer. Because you have many different classes of troll, all with varying levels of sapience. Stone-trolls were trolls who turned into stone during daylight, like the trolls in The Hobbit. They could speak, and used a debased form of Westron.

Why didn’t Bilbo tell the dwarves about the magic ring?

If Bilbo was still in the mountain, the dwarves would probably not save him because the dwarves never really wanted Bilbo to go on the adventure with them and all they cared about was themselves. Why doesn’t Bilbo tell the dwarves about he ring? Bilbo didn’t tell because he wanted to prove himself to the dwarves.

Why Where and how are the dwarves imprisoned why wasn’t Bilbo imprisoned as well?

Why wasn’t Bilbo imprisoned as well? The dwarves were imprisoned in the Elvenking’s palace in separate cells because they were trespassing the elves’ feasts. Bilbo wasn’t imprisoned because he put on his ring.

How did the dwarves lose their treasure?

6. How did the dwarves lose their treasure and kingdom? The dwarves lost their treasure and their kingdom due to Smaug the dragon, he killed most of the dwarves in the kingdom and all so took their treasure.

What 2 Things did Gandalf give Thorin?

What two things does Gandalf give Thorin? Gandalf gives Thorin a map and a key. How did the dwarves lose their treasure and kingdom? Smaug the Dragon flew in to their town and destroyed the kingdom and took it over.

What does Gandalf point to on Bilbo’s mantle?

What does Gandalf point to on Bilbo’s mantle and what is it? He points to a letter and it is the terms of his involvement for the adventure.

Which Valar did Gandalf serve?


What did the key that Gandalf gave Thorin look like?

he said, and handed to Thorin a key with a long barrel and intricate wards, made of silver.

How did smaug die so easily?

When Smaug attacks Laketown after the Dwarves reach the mountain, Bard uses the last large iron Black Arrow to kill Smaug by strickimg him in the exact spot that his forebearer did many years earlier. Absent an armoured scale, the arrow penetrated the dragons heart.

Who was the strongest Balrog?


Why did Gandalf fear the Balrog?

The Balrog were also Maia. But while the Wizards were restricted in the power they could access while in human form, Sauron and the Balrog were not. Gandalf was afraid because he knew that the Balrog was one of the few beings who could kill him and end his mission. And he was right as the Balrog did in fact kill him.

How many balrogs are left?

In Tolkien’s later writings, he made note of the fact that there could not have ever been more than seven Balrogs, yet they were able to drive away Ungoliant in what was described as a “tempest of fire”. In another early writing, the Lord of the Balrogs was named Lungorthin.