What are CBSE sports?

What are CBSE sports?

The aim of CBSE sports is to promote healthy living develop leadership qualities and team management among the students make students mentally strong and emotionally balanced and encourage sportsmanship. It aims to promote healthy competition among the schools and make students all-rounder.

How can I participate in CBSE sports?

Register a student in CBSE Sports Event Schools who wanted to sponsor their students/teams for participation in CBSE sports have registered from 25 July to 10 August 2019. In case, a student was appearing for the first time, the school had to ‘register student’ first then, ‘apply for his/her participation’.

What are CBSE games?

CBSE Inter-School Sports & Games Competitions 2019-20

4 Kabaddi 17 19 years
5 Kho Kho 17 19 years
6 Table Tennis 14, 17 19 years

What is the aim and objectives of CBSE sports?

The aim of CBSE sports: To make sure the students become all-rounders. To promote healthy living. To develop leadership qualities and team management among the students.

What is Chacha Nehru sports award?

Briefly explain about Chacha Nehru Sports Awards. The objective of introduction of this award is to identify, recognize, nurture and develop extraordinary talent among games. This will help in the development of sports activities, the importance of physical education and sports.

What is significance of intramural?

Objectives of Intramurals:- 1. To provide an opportunity for every student to participate in Games and sports. 2. To develop leadership Qualities among students.

What is Chacha Nehru sports Award?

What is cluster level competition?

The programme encourages participation of children in great numbers in different cultural activities and sports events. The KVs are grouped into different clusters. The schools under each cluster compete with each other in all the contests.

What is the special seeding?

Answer:Special seeding is when teams which are the previous winners/runner ups/ title holders in the specific competitions participate directly in the quarter final or semi finals. Explanation:Strong teams taking part in a tournament are selected to keep them at appropriate places in the fixture.

What is the role of CBSE?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was formed officially in 1962 with the sole purpose to make a common standard and platform for every student in the country. From only 302 affiliated schools in 1962 CBSE is today affiliated with a whooping 18000+ schools in the country.

What is the significance of tournament?

a) The tournaments help in developing the technical and tactical skills of a player/team and the game as a whole. b) In tournament players and teams of different games come forward to participate from different parts of the state or country thus the tournament proved a chance to search new talent in the sport.

What are the criteria for scholarship selection of Chacha Nehru sports award?

Selection of the scholar: The students shall be identified at the CBSE Inter School Sports and Games Competitions on the basis of their overall performance and score at the national level.. In respect of team games, a core committee of minimum three members shall identify the scholar.

Which is the date of CBSE sports 2019?

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has launched CBSE Sports website on 4 August 2019. As per the CBSE Sports Calendar 2019-20, CBSE sports events at Cluster/Zonal level will be held from 1 September to 29 October 2019, while, the National level games events will be organized from 27 October to 30 November 2019.

What is the aim of CBSE Sports in school?

The aim of CBSE sports: To make sure the students become all-rounders. In the recent circular, the Central Board of Secondary Education has instructed all the schools to allot one period (approximately 45 minutes) to sports and games every day for all students from class-1 to the 10 th class.

What is the objective of the CBSE board?

The objective of CBSE is to serve the educational institutions more effectively. CBSE has succeeded in making a common standard for all the students in our country.This article contains all the details related to CBSE sports. Every year, the number of schools getting affiliated to the Board has been increasing.

How is internal assessment conducted in CBSE sports?

Internal assessment is continuous and comprehensive. Every year, sports and games competitions are conducted by the CBSE. Only online entries are considered. The entries are accepted on the basis of first-come-first-serve basis. The winners and runner-ups are given medals along with the certificates.