What are Persian words?

What are Persian words?

Farsi – Transliteration – English

  • خوش آمدید – Khosh amadid – Welcome.
  • درود / سلام – Salâm / Dorood – Hello.
  • صبح بخیر – Sobh bekheyr – Good morning.
  • عصر بخیر – Asr bekheyr – Good evening.
  • شب بخیر – Shab bekheyr – Goodnight.
  • حال شما چطوره؟ –
  • خوبم – Khoobam – I’m doing well.
  • ممنون خیلی – (kheily) Mamnoon – Thank you (very much)

How do you say basic words in Farsi?

Greetings and Essentials

  1. Salâm / Dorood — Hello.
  2. Khasteh nabâshid (khas-teh na-baa-sheed)
  3. Merci / Kheyli mamnoon / Sepâs — Thank you.
  4. Khâhesh mikonam — You’re welcome, or Please, I insist.
  5. Baleh / Na — Yes / No.
  6. Befarmâid (be-far-mâ-eed) — Here you go.
  7. Bebakhshid (be-bakh-sheed) — Excuse Me.
  8. Khodâ hâfez — Goodbye.

What does Nooshe Joon mean?

may it nourish your soul
Nooshe jân (literally “may it nourish your soul”) is the equivalent of “bon appétit”. When you thank someone for a meal, they will respond nooshe jân/jânet.

What does Joon mean in Farsi?

Soul, spirit, life. A Persian word of endearment used after a person’s first name to mean “dear” and express care.

What does Afiat bashe mean?

feels good
English translation:feels good!

What does Aziz mean in Persian?

1. aziz-am. This is one of the most common Persian terms of endearment, and simply means ‘my dear. ‘ You’ll hear Iranians say this all the time, whether to lovers, friends, or family alike, and even to people they’re not very close to.

What does JUN mean in Persian?

Joon (or jân, as it’s often pronounced), means “soul/spirit/life”, but it’s essentially a Persian word of endearment used after a person’s first name to mean “dear”. It’s a little nicer than just calling someone by their name alone.

What is Jan Persian?

Jan (Persian: جان‎, pron.: Jaan) is the Persian word for soul. It is also used as a diminutive suffix attached to names and titles, and in this case it means “[my] dear”.

What are some common Persian phrases?

Persian Phrases “I Love You” in Persian I love you = /du:set da:ræm/. Dooset daram Download NOTE: Like love itself, the above sentence is a bit complicated in Persian!! “I am interested in …” in Persian I am interested in . /mæn beh ala:gheh da:ræm/. “I miss you” in Persian I’ll miss you! “I want to go home” in Persian I want to go home.

Is Persian a good language to learn?

Persian is a language almost as beautiful as its region of origin. Unique, poetic and influential, Persian opens the door to one of the most distinctive Middle Eastern cultures. Learning Persian won’t just enhance your travels within the Persian-speaking world and its global diaspora, as it has done for me.

The Persian word is esfināj (اسفناج) a corruption of the original word, espināj. Candy – A favorite word of children and adults alike, it originates from the Persian word for crystallized sugar, qand (قند). Lemon – This word of Persian origin was introduced to English via Arabic and Old French. The original Persian is līmū (لیمو).