What are some random questions?

What are some random questions?

65 Random Questions to Ask Anyone

  • If You Had Three Wishes, What Would You Wish For?
  • What Would You Rather Throw Away: Love Or Money?
  • What’s The Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Seen?
  • What Was Your Fondest Memory Of High School?
  • What’s Your Favorite TV Show?
  • What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator?

What is a random question to ask a girl?

Random questions to ask a girl list

  • What word do you always misspell?
  • What is the ugliest vegetable?
  • What is the absolute worst movie you have ever seen?
  • What food do you crave most often?
  • What is the grossest sounding English word?
  • What silliest thing you get nostalgic for?
  • When is lying the right thing to do?

What does it mean when a guy asks you random questions?

Most probably it means you’re trying to read too much into an everyday banality of human existence. People like to talk to others (mostly) and beyond a point, random things can come up and some can be really strange and random and fun!

What is a good random question to ask someone?

71 Good Questions To Ask Your Best Friends

  1. What embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?
  2. Who do you look up to the most, and what qualities do you love about that person?
  3. What would be your perfect day?
  4. What’s your biggest fear?
  5. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?

How do you start a question?

The proper way to start a question when you would like to know how to do something is to say, “Tell me how to …,” or “How do I …,” or “What is the proper way to ” or “Can anyone tell me how to …,” etc.

What should I ask my crush when playing 21 questions?

21 Flirty and Deep Questions to Ask Your Crush

  • What Do You Think About Before You Fall Asleep?
  • If I Called You Really Late at Night, Would You Answer?
  • What’s the Biggest Deal Breaker on a Date?
  • If You Could Dedicate a Song to Someone You Love, What Song Would It Be and Why?
  • What’s the Perfect Way to Ask Someone Out?

What truths should I ask my crush?

Consider these questions:

  • What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?
  • Why did you break up with your ex? (Ask this if you know for a fact that he/she has an ex)
  • Have you ever been in love?
  • What was your first impression of me?
  • What’s your idea of the perfect date?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?

What questions do I ask my crush?

20 Questions to Ask Your Crush

  • “Who is your celebrity crush?”
  • “What’s your biggest turn-off?”
  • “What was your first impression of me?”
  • “Do you like huge parties or would you rather spend time in a small group/alone?”
  • “What’s something weird that you find attractive?”