What are the best 48 Hours episodes?

What are the best 48 Hours episodes?

The 2 Best 48 Hours Podcast Episodes

  • 1) The Ambush of Kevin Harris. A music producer on the edge of stardom has a dark premonition – then he’s gunned down.
  • 2) “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe” Did Lizzie Borden really hack her parents to death?
  • 3) The Diary of Martha Moxley.
  • 8) Jasmine Hartin’s Shot in the Dark.

Is 48 Hours based on true stories?

48 Hours Investigates/Mystery The current format of the documentary primarily deals with real-life mysteries and crime stories, again with just one mystery per episode (such as the murder of Brian Stidham), owing to its heritage structure of featuring a single topic per episode.

Is the TV show 48 hours a true crime?

Full Episodes. 48 Hours is television’s most popular true-crime series, investigating shocking cases and compelling real-life dramas with journalistic integrity and cutting-edge style.

What are some of the stories on 48 hours?

In some cases, however, it can provide a chance to shed anger and move on with life. 48 Hours presents stories of individuals who have overcome obstacles to make peace with their past. (Dec. 21, 2000) Judging Dr. Morgan: 48 Hours reports on Dr. Robert Morgan, an obstetrician who is blamed for the deaths of several babies.

Who is the judge in 48 hours case?

Listen to “48 Hours” full episodes on the go. Clark County Superior Court Judge David Gregerson became emotional, saying he was “struck by the darkness in this case.” Roughly 100,000 incidents of domestic abuse have been reported to the military since 2015, a CBS News investigation found.

When did 48 hours start on CBS News?

(Sept. 7, 2000) Save My Child: CBS News ‘ 48 Hours takes you behind the scenes at a busy pediatric ER where doctors deal with everything from serious accidents and broken bones to swallowed coins. (Aug. 24, 2000)