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What are the changes in the society?

What are the changes in the society?

Some of the more important of these changes include commercialization, increasing division of labour, growth of production, formation of nation-states, bureaucratization, growth of technology and science, secularization, urbanization, spread of literacy, increasing geographic and social mobility, and growth of …

What things have changed over time?

13 Ordinary Things That Have Changed Beyond Recognition

  • Tampons.
  • Drills.
  • Socks.
  • Washing machines.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Digital cameras.
  • Sunglasses.
  • TV sets. The first mass production of televisions was set up in Germany in 1934.

How has the world changed in the last 50 years?

50 Ways Life Has Changed in the Last 50 Years

  • Working no longer means heading into an office.
  • Exercise isn’t just for fitness fanatics anymore.
  • Virtually nobody has a home phone.
  • We interact completely differently.
  • Duh. Everyone has a smartphone.
  • Dating means little more than swiping right.
  • TV has become a bottomless resource.
  • Anyone can become a celebrity.

What has changed over the years does this suggest something to you?

Answer: The sea has not changed over the years. It suggests that the prominent features of nature do not change much. Human beings come and go, but nature always remains.

What was not changed over a period of time?

Answer: the sea has not changed over a period of time because it suggests that the prominent features of nature never change . human beings come and go but nature always remains .

Why does the poet says its silence silences?

The silence silences mean ‘ the silence of the photograph silences the poet’. She experiences the great loss of her mother. Death of her mother silenced her and leave’s her speechless. This refers to the crticial appreaciation of the poem.

Who has been said to be the big girl why?

Answer. The big girl in the photograph was the poetess mother. She was only twelve years old when the photograph was taken.

How old was the oldest girl among the three cousins?

around twelve years old

Why is Mother’s laughter past for the narrator?

Mother’s laughter is past for the narrator because her mother is dead. Hope this information will clear your doubts about the topic.

Why is the poetess nostalgic about her mother’s laughter?

The speaker is nostalgic when she remembers her mother’s laughter at the snapshot and then remembering that her mother is no more. The speaker feels extremly emotional when she sees the photograph.It brings back memories of her mother’s laughter which was a soothing sound for her.

Why did they stand still and smile?

b) they stood still and smiled as the mother’s uncle was taking their photograph. This photograph was taken about 20-30 years ago. c) the sea is immortal. It symbolises eternity and permanance.