What are the character traits of Arachne?

What are the character traits of Arachne?

Personality. Arachne’s main trait is that she is extremely boastful. Arachne is far from modest, especially if she talks about her tapestries. Arachne does enjoy weaving, and weaving is far by her favorite thing to do.

How do Arachne’s character traits determine how the conflict resolves itself?

One of Arachne’s character traits is that she boasts about her skills, this determines how the conflict is resolved. She is a very talented waver and she doesn’t recognize that part of her talent comes from Athena. Athena is mad at Arachne because she makes fun of the gods and thinks she is better than Athena herself.

What is the mood of the story Arachne?

Answer Expert Verified The mood of the story of Arachne is proud or boastful while its tone is quite serious. In such way, the mood and tone of the story affects the over-all aura of the story because it somehow gives an initial judgement as to the quality or type of the story.

What is the nature of the conflict in Arachne Brainly?

Answer : The story of Arachne presents a man versus self conflict. Arachne was a very talented weaver who could weave the most beautiful cloth anyone had ever seen. She was always praised for her beautiful work and this made her haughty, boastful, ungrateful and complacent.

What is the resolution of Arachne?

Falling Action: Arachne lost to the Goddess and therefore declared the loser of the contest. And ths, Arachne wasn’t allowed to touch any spindle ever again. Resolution: By the Goddess’ pity she turned Arachne into a creature that’ll have the ability to weave without a spindle.

What is the complication of Arachne?

Answer. Answer: Enraged at the insult, Athena challenges Arachne to a contest to determine who amongst them is the better weaver. Arachne loses the contest and is turned into a spider, condemned to spin forever.

What caused Arachne fears and failures?

 Arachne’s fears and failures were caused because of Athena’s presence. In a contest where she challenged Athena. Arachne had the fear of losing her skill and talent in spinning or weaving. She fears on that thought that she might lose her talent and people’s appraisal because that is all that matters to her.

What is the theme of Athena and Arachne?

At its heart, Arachne is a story about pride and human limitation. An incredibly talented weaver, Arachne is a young girl who feeds on the praise of her patrons. Eventually, youth and inexperience, coupled with consciousness of her superb gifts, causes Arachne to boast that her weaving is better even than Athena’s.

What is the story of Athena and Arachne?

Arachne was a girl who lived in Greece a long time ago. Arachne began telling people she was better at spinning and weaving than the goddess Athena was. Athena was also known as a good spinner and weaver. Athena was mad that Arachne would say that, and she challenged Arachne to a weaving contest.

Who did Athena curse?


Who is Athena afraid of?


Why did Athena punish Medusa instead of Poseidon?

Athena could of went to her father and told him that Poseidon degraded her temple but instead decided to punish Medusa. It says that Medusa’s parents were gods if they were Athena could of went to them for aid. This all makes it seem like Athena just wanted an easy way out, and that would be by punishing medusa.

Did Athena really punish Medusa?

Athena did not punish Medusa; she protected her. To men, whose hatred Athena had to pacify, this was the ultimate punishment: to strip Medusa of her beauty and banish her from the land.

Who is Poseidon in love with?

goddess Demeter

What is Arachne the goddess of?

ARACHNE: THE GREEK GODDESS WHO BECAME THE FIRST SPIDER Arachne, the goddess in Greek mythology who was the world’s first spider, was originally a young mortal, daughter of a shepherd famous for the beautiful wools that he dyed purple. Gifted in the art of weaving, Arachne became famous for her excellent tapestries.

What happens to her as she lives through experience?

What happens to Arachne as she lives through her experience? Since Arachne lost and was turned into a spider due to Athena’s pity for her. She will forever have the ability to weave without even touching any loom or spindle.

What personal challenge did Arachne deal with in the story?

Answer. Answer: Arachne tried to fight her fear by taking on of the most powerful goddesses. She faced Athena, as she challenged her.

What details in the story prove that Arachne’s pride is the reason for her downfall?

The details of the story about Arachne that really proves that it is Arachne’s pride that caused her downfall is when she refused to recognize and acknowledge that there is someone better than her in spinning and that is the Goddess of crafts and wisdom …………

What character trait is clearly shown by Arachne?


How Arachne feel about her weaving skill?

Arachne feels about her weaving skills is that she is the best weaver or spinner in the entire world. She stood high receiving accolades from the people who approve of her work and thought that nobody can be as good as her because she is the only one who has the skills in the whole wide world.

What tone is used in Arachne?