What are the conjugations for Finir?

What are the conjugations for Finir?

Conjugate the verb finir:

  • je finis. tu finis.
  • il finissait. nous avons fini.
  • vous finirez.
  • ils finiraient.

How do you conjugate Finir in the present tense?

Thank you for your purchase!…Finir Conjugation: Present Tense.

je finis
tu finis
il/elle finit
nous finissons
vous finissez

Does Finir take etre?

Though finir is most often used with avoir in compound tenses as discussed, it can be used with être as well. This happens in the third person impersonal or with inanimate objects.

How do you conjugate Reflechir?

Conjugate the verb réfléchir:

  1. je réfléchis. tu réfléchis.
  2. il réfléchissait. nous avons réfléchi.
  3. vous réfléchirez.
  4. ils réfléchiraient.

How do you conjugate Applaudir?

The French word applaudir means to applaud or to clap. Applaudir is a regular verb, meaning it’s one of those words that’s relatively easy to conjugate….Other Simple Conjugations of Applaudir.

tu applaudis
nous applaudissons
vous applaudissez

How do you form the near future?

The futur proche (near future) tense describes what is going to happen with certainty. To form the futur proche, use the present tense of aller (to go) plus an infinitive . To make it negative and say something is not going to happen, put ne … pas or n’… pas around the conjugated verb aller.

Which tenses are important in French?

So now, let’s do a bit of verb cooking to bake fresh and healthy French tenses !

  • Recipe #1 : Passé composé (“perfect”, eg : I did, I have done)
  • Recipe #2 : Imparfait.
  • Recipe #3 : Passé récent.
  • Recipe #4 : Futur proche.
  • Recipe #5 : Futur simple.
  • Recipe #6 : Conditionnel présent.
  • Recipe #7 : Subjonctif présent.