What are the disadvantages of the interactive direct instruction strategy?

What are the disadvantages of the interactive direct instruction strategy?

Answer: Based on the idea that you must learn simple tasks before you can learn complex ones. Does not allow teachers to access prior knowledge. Only works for a small percentage of students and depends on students’ learning styles.

Why direct instruction is bad?

Direct instruction does not preclude teaching students how to find problems, solve problems, act in creative ways, collaborate with others, and take charge of their own learning. They need to be able to communicate their learning and learn with and from others.

What are advantages of direct method of English teaching?

Advantages –

  • The focus is on Oral Practice.
  • In teaching vocabulary such as words, idioms, this method is good.
  • As there is direct relation between thought and expression, it helps the learners in having good fluency.
  • In this method, the teacher proceeds from particular to general and from concrete to abstract.

Why direct method is important?

The direct method puts strong emphasis on practice and oral training – listening and speaking. To sum up, vocabulary is of more importance than grammar, and the most important is speaking. The direct method puts strong emphasis on practice and oral training – listening and speaking.

What is the other name of structural approach?

It is also known as Aural-oral Approach. Each language has its own pattern of structure.

What are the advantages of structural approach?

Merits of Structural Approach in Teaching English: (i) It has emphasis on the four fundamental skills, such as, listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing. ADVERTISEMENTS: (ii) It facilitates the learning of English by imparting knowledge of its structures. (iii) It promotes everyday English.

What is the basic principle behind structural approach of teaching English?

The structural approach is based on the assumption that language teaching can best be done through systematic selection and grading of structures or sentence patterns. It was widely implemented in the United States in the 1950s. The basic principle underlying the approach is: Language is speech, not writing.

What are the features of structural approach?

Main features of Structural Approach

  • Importance of speech- It considers speech as the most important step for learning the language.
  • Importance of Pupils Activity- Students. are made active learners and not passive listeners.
  • – Two. part sentences having – subject + verb.
  • – Three.
  • – Four.

What is the difference between structural and communicative approach?

A Presentation on Structural Approach and Communicative Approach presented By- Priyanka Nain B.P.S.I.T.T.R. So… Structural Approach lays stress on learning language through structures and grammatical patterns. 10. Features of The Structural Approach • Students are taught to master the pattern of sentences.

What is the example of structural approach?

For example, a structuralist approach would focus more on teaching the proper order of the following words, with less emphasis on teaching what the words actually mean. The girl tasted the cake. The cake tasted the girl.

How many types of structural approach are there?

We must not confuse them with sentences. Structures do not need any grammatical background where as sentences are grammatical order of words. Types of structures: In the structural approach there are four kinds of structures namely sentenced patterns, phrase patterns, formulas and idioms.

What is the oral approach?

The Oral Approach or Situational Language Teaching is an approach developed by British applied linguists between the 1930s and the 1960s. Speech, structures and a focus on a set of basic vocabulary items are seen as the basis of language teaching.

What are the disadvantages of structural approach?

Disadvantage: This method prefers the selection and gradation of the structure which does not solve the problem of teaching English. This approach doesn’t advise the teacher that how should he present the structure of the language or teaching material? Structural approach is not suitable for higher classes.