What are the long E words?

What are the long E words?

Long E Words

Long E Words Category Word Family / Sound
fear Vowel Team – EA -ear
feast Vowel Team – EA -east
feat Vowel Team – EA -eat
fee Vowel Team – EE -ee

What is a long e?

The Long E sounds is a long vowel sound. Long vowel sounds are vowel sounds pronounced the same as the name of the letter. Each vowel has a long vowel sound (Long A, Long E, Long I, Long O, Long U). In English, long vowel sounds are usually the easiest vowel sounds to learn.

Is Eagle a long e?

Eagle has two: a and e. The second e is silent and comes under the rule that says: a long vowel is often followed with a silent e at the end of the word.

Is seat a long e word?

Examples: meat, seat, plain, rain, goat, road, lie, pie. Vowel-Consonant-e Pattern: When a short word, or the last syllable of a longer word, ends in this pattern vowel-consonant-e, then the first vowel is usually long and the e is silent.

What is a word that ends in V?

6-letter words that end in v

  • improv.
  • maglev.
  • moshav.
  • satnav.
  • kislev.
  • guryev.
  • brasov.
  • kovrov.

Is there a 4 letter word ending in V?

There are 12 four-letter words ending with V. chav n.

What is a two letter word with V?

2-letter words starting with V

VP vs

What letter goes after V?

English Alphabet

# Capital Letter Name
22 V vee
23 W double-u
24 X ex
25 Y wy

What is a two-letter word with Q?

Looking for 2 letter words containing Q? Well, there is only 1 word that contains the letter Q, the wonderful qi (Sometimes spelled chi or ki)!