What causes Wilbur to faint?

What causes Wilbur to faint?

Wilbur faints when he hears that the Zuckermans eventually plan to slaughter him, and must be revived with a pail full of water before he’s pushed into the crate. This chapter is important because it’s the point in the story where the human characters are more concerned with their looks instead of work.

What revived Wilbur after he fainted in front of the crowd at the fair?

Templeton decides to sort the problem out and bites Wilbur hard on his tail. The pain revives him. Zuckerman is given twenty five dollars and a medal – it is the greatest moment of Zuckerman’s life.

How much money were Fern and Avery given when they arrived at the fair?

Wilbur and his unseen companions, the Zuckermans and the Arables, arrive at the fair. Fern and Avery add to the chaos by instantly asking for spending money. Mr. Arable hands them each 70 cents, and off they go, followed by shouted warnings from their parents.

What did the old sheep tell Wilbur?

Everyone on the farm hated flies. What bad news did the sheep tell Wilbur? The old sheep told Wilbur that he was going to die.

What 2 barn animals went to the fair with Wilbur?

What two barn animals went to the fair with Wilbur? Charlotte and the gander.

Why did Templeton go to the fair?

Charlotte went to the fair on a mission to protect Wilbur, while Templeton attended for more selfish reasons.

Why is it important for Templeton to go to the fair?

Why is it important for Templeton to go to the fair? The sheep said that if Templeton goes to the fair, he will have a feast with a lot of food to eat.

What did Wilbur do when Avery made faces at him?

What did Wilbur do when Avery made faces at him? He escaped from his crate. He fainted. He made faces back at Avery.

What is the name of the Pig in the stall next to Wilbur?


What did Avery smash when he fell?

The egg broke. Avery stepped on Wilbur’s trough, and the egg was underneath the trough. It fell, and the egg broke. The smell of the broken egg drove away Avery just in time.

Who hid the crate with Wilbur?

So Charlotte and Templeton hide in Wilbur’s green crate for the fair. The sheep figures this means the crate should really read “Zuckerman’s Famous Pig and Two Stowaways” (16.33). The Arables arrive to load Wilbur into his crate and get it onto the truck.

Why does Wilbur struggle when walking into the crate?

Wilbur has been receiving praise and special treatment—but now he fears that his life is still not safe. Once Wilbur gets to his feet, he is too exhausted to put on a show of struggle as he’s loaded into the crate by Lurvy, Homer, and Mr. Arable.

What words does Charlotte spin in her web?

Charlotte, the spider and main character of “Charlotte’s Web,” spins four messages in her web over the course of the novel, including “SOME PIG!,” “TERRIFIC,” “RADIANT” and “HUMBLE.” The original purpose of the web writing is to spare Wilbur’s life, as the pig was going to be slaughtered for meat as a runt.

What chapter does Charlotte die?

Chapter 21

How does Charlotte help Wilbur?

The novel tells the story of a livestock pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte. When Wilbur is in danger of being slaughtered by the farmer, Charlotte writes messages praising Wilbur (such as “Some Pig”) in her web in order to persuade the farmer to let him live.