What color is Boise State Blue?

What color is Boise State Blue?

The blue Pantone color of the Boise State Broncos can be found below….Boise State Broncos Pantone Color Codes.

Pantone Color Names for Boise State Broncos Pantone Color Code for Boise State Broncos
Orange PMS 172 C
Blue PMS 286 C

What are the colors of Idaho State University?

Idaho State University/Colors

Why does Boise State have blue turf?

Albertsons Stadium once had a track around the football field, so the sidelines are quite wide. Boise State expanded the blue turf to cover the entire grounds. One myth to dispel: ducks do not crash into the turf, believing it to be water.

What is Boise State’s logo?

Boise State’s primary logo is the University Signature Mark, which is the Boise State B symbol with the words “Boise State University” beneath.

What are Bowie State colors?

Bowie State University/Colors

What is Boise State’s nickname?

Boise State University/Nicknames

What is the mascot for Idaho State University?

Benny the Bengal
Idaho State University/Mascot

What is the state flower of Idaho?

The Syringa (Philadelphus lewisii) was designated the state flower of Idaho by the legislature in 1931. The species name ‘lewisii’ honors Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis & Clark expedition.

Is Boise State football field still blue?

Albertsons Stadium is an outdoor athletic stadium in the western United States, located on the campus of Boise State University in Boise, Idaho….Albertsons Stadium.

Surface FieldTurf (blue) (2008–present) AstroPlay (blue) – (2002–2007) AstroTurf (blue) – (1986–2001) AstroTurf (green) – (1970–1985)

How religious is Boise ID?

Religion. A little less than half of the state of Idaho according to statistics is religious. The leading religion in Idaho is LDS, but only 16% of the total 26% in Idaho resides in Boise. Following behind LDS we have Catholic at 7%, Baptist 3%, and Methodist 3%.

What are the official colors of Boise State?

Be sure to use our exact colors to keep the branding consistent and strong. The Boise State official colors should be used on all materials produced in color and be a dominant part of any design to reinforce the Boise State brand. Blue (Pantone 286 C) and Orange (Pantone 172 C) are the official colors of Boise State University.

Is it legal to use the Boise State Bronco logo?

The Bronco logo is the identifying mark for Boise State University’s athletic programs. No use of the Bronco logo other than by the Department of Athletics is allowed without prior permission from the Director of Trademark Licensing and Enforcement. Additionally, the use of the Bronco logo for commercial purposes is strictly licensed and monitored.

What are the fonts for the Boise State Broncos?

The Boise State Broncos fonts are Gotham and Garamond. Gotham and Garamond fonts are used for jersey lettering, player names, numbers, team logo, branding, and merchandise. The Boise State Broncos logo JPG format can be found below.

What do you need to know about Boise State University?

A clear message and visual identity reflect a multi-faceted, but unified, organization — as a Metropolitan Research University of Distinction. There is a responsibility to ensure that the Boise State brand and imagery is used consistently and appropriately by all.