What compromise does Atticus make with scout at the end of the chapter?

What compromise does Atticus make with scout at the end of the chapter?

What compromise does Atticus make with Scout at the end of the chapter? The compromise was, “if Scout will concede the necessity of going to school, they will go on reading.

What is a compromise according Atticus?

Atticus tells her that a compromise is an “agreement reached by mutual concessions.” (Lee 41) Atticus agrees to keep reading to Scout every night if she concedes to go to school.

Why does Atticus say that Scout is not to mention the compromise they made when she goes to school?

Atticus does not want Scout to tell Miss Caroline about their agreement because he does not want to upset her teacher. Atticus realizes that Miss Caroline is being ridiculous by prohibiting Scout from reading at home but is also wary to not upset her, which would only cause Scout more grief.

What theme does Atticus teach scout about compromise?

Compromise is bending the law

What is Atticus simple trick to get along with folks in the movie?

Atticus then tells Scout that he knows a “simple trick” that will help her get along with people better. He tells his daughter that she will never understand people until she considers things from their point of view. Atticus encourages Scout to climb into other people’s skin and walk around in it.

What did Atticus learn in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Primarily, Atticus teaches his children about tolerance, and he is an example of this to his neighbors and community through his interactions. Although Atticus is assigned Tom Robinson’s case, Atticus does his utmost to give Tom the best defense possible.

What kind of person is Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird?


What is Mr Raymond’s drink of choice what is his reasoning for deceiving people?

Dolphus Raymond is wealthy and was once well-respected, so his faux alcoholism gives the rest of Maycomb a reason for him to live the way he does. They blame his drinking on the tragedy of his fiancé’s death, and his choices thereafter are accepted as a result of the drinking.

What was Mr Raymond’s deepest secret?

1. What secret does Dolphus Raymond reveal to Scout and Dill? Dolphus Raymond reveals that he is drinking Coca-Cola not whiskey to Scout and Dill.