What did Beorn warned them about in Mirkwood?

What did Beorn warned them about in Mirkwood?

Beorn warned them about a black stream that crosses the path. He said it causes enchantment, a great drowsiness, and forgetfulness. He also warned them not to leave the path.

What do we learn about Gandalf’s plans?

What do we learn about Gandalf’s plans? He is ready to return in search of Thorin and the other adventurers.

What flaw to the dwarves original plan to have Bilbo be the burglar does Bilbo discover?

Bilbo suddenly discovered the weak point in his plan. Most likely you saw it some time ago and have been laughing at him; but I don’t suppose you would have done half as well yourselves in his place. of course he was not in a barrel himself, nor was there anyone to pack him in, even if there had been a chance (182).

What does Bilbo call himself to Smaug?


How does Bilbo talk to Smaug?

Bilbo and the dragon engage in conversation, but Bilbo outwits the dragon with riddles and flattery, soon tricking Smaug into revealing his own weak spot. Specifically, he uses compliments to imply that he believes Smaug to be a great and indomitable dragon with not a single weakness.

How is smaug greedy?

Smaug is a “most especially greedy, strong, and wicked” (1.123) dragon who comes flying out of the North to attack the Lonely Mountain a couple of generations before The Hobbit takes place. He’s attracted to this particular dwarf kingdom because it’s an especially wealthy one in the days of Thorin’s grandfather, Thror.

Can smaug see Bilbo?

In the movie a parallel is drawn between the eye of Sauron and the eye of Smaug, the two images being juxtaposed. In fact, it is the gaze of Smaug’s eye that pressures Bilbo and leads him to take off the ring, with the result that Smaug can see him.

Is Thorin greedy?

Generally, Thorin Oakenshield was no more greedy than any other dwarf, but he bore a grudge all of his adult life against Smaug, and that anger grew great enough to spill over onto anyone he thought stood against him.

Why did Thorin go crazy?

So Thror (Thorin’s grandfather), held one of the 7 Dwarven rings, crafted by Sauron, which explains why he went mad. The Dwarves became greedy as a result. They were hardier than men, so they didn’t become wraiths. Thorin spent his life with his birthright stolen from him until he and Gandalf formed the Company.

Who is king after Thorin dies?


Is Thorin a bad guy?

While he is never entirely a villain, Thorin Oakenshield becomes temporarily cast as one due to circumstance. From the beginning, the character possesses a strong sense of self-importance, and a gruff impatience which is not entirely endearing.

Why is Thorin greedy?

Not only did Thrór, Thráin, and Thorin become greedy after getting the dragon-sickness but the Master of Lake-town as well, as is described in chapter 3.4, the Elvenking or even gentle souls like Bard the dragon slayer and Bilbo (Fisher 41).

Did Frodo have silmaril?

He was a mariner who wore the Silmaril on his brow. It was so bright in fact, that it outshone all the other stars in the sky and was named thereafter the ‘Star of Eärendil’.

Why is smaug so evil?

All dragons we learn of are involved in acts of evil against the forces of good. Smaug was the greatest of the dragons in the Third Age and it was in his very nature as a dragon to attack Erebor and claim the treasure for himself. The gold did not corrupt him, he is inherently greedy and wicked.