What did George Carlin say?

What did George Carlin say?

“I don’t care who gets killed,” Carlin declares at one point. “As long as it’s not me or someone close to me. Although to tell you the truth, if it’s a nice, big disaster, something good, the people close to me are on their own . . . . It’s not my responsibility.”

Is PTSD a euphemism?

The move from “battle fatigue” to “post-traumatic stress disorder” is not euphemism but rather an advance in understanding of the disease process in question.

What did George Carlin die of and when?

heart failure

What was George Carlin worth when he died?

George Carlin Net Worth

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth: May 12, 1937 – Jun 22, 2008 (71 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.74 m)
Profession: Actor, Television producer, Screenwriter, Voice Actor, Comedian, Writer, Film Producer

What famous comedian died?

Ralphie May, stand-up comedian and “Last Comic Standing” alum, died of cardiac arrest after a battle with pneumonia in 2017 at the age of 45. Kevin Barnett, a stand-up comedian and co-creator of Fox sitcom “Rel,” died in 2019 at age 32. He died from the effects of pancreatitis, E!

Did George Carlin believe in God?

He was born May 12, 1937, in New York City into an Irish Catholic family, but he rejected the faith. His parents split up when he was an infant because his father was reportedly an alcoholic. With the quotes that follow, get a better understanding of why Carlin rejected Catholicism for atheism.

When was George Carlin’s last performance?

Apparently his final concert took place June 15th at Orleans casino in Vegas, exactly one week before he died.

What did Sam Kinison say at death?

Kinison said to no one in particular at the time: “I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die.” But then there was a pause as if Kinison were listening to someone.

Was George Carlin a genius?

I consider he and Einstein to be my two greatest intellectual influences. George Carlin was a genius. Not in the over-used sense of the word where everyone with a little fame and a few bucks or an Ivy degree is a genius. He was the genuine article.

Is George Carlin a nihilist?

George Carlin was everything – He was a philospher, an atheist, a quasi-nihilist, an anarchist. In short, he was the perfect comedian. You could write a book with the kind of raw, uncensored and often-times hilarious wisdom he’d spew on a daily basis. Here are some of Carlin’s most memorable quotes!

When did Jon Stewart interview Carlin?


What road did Sam Kinison died on?

He was 38 years old and lived in the Hollywood hills in Los Angeles. On Friday night, he was on his way to perform at the Riverside Resort Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nev., when his sports car collided with a pickup truck on U.S. Highway 95 about 200 miles east of Los Angeles.

Did Sam Kinison’s wife die in the accident?

— Sam Kinison, 38, a street preacher turned loud and bawdy stand-up comic, was killed April 10 and his wife was seriously hurt in an automobile accident here. A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol said Mr. Kinison was killed when a pickup truck swerved into the path of his car and hit it head-on.

What is Sam Kinison worth?

Sam Kinison net worth: Sam Kinison was an American stand-up comedian and actor who had a net worth of $800 thousand. Sam Kinison was born in Yakima, Washington in December 1953 and passed away in April 1992. He was known for his politically incorrect humor and was once a Pentecostal preacher.

How much is Chris Rock net worth?

American comedian, actor, television producer, and filmmaker Chris Rock has a net worth of $100 million dollars, as of 2021.

How old is Dice Clay?

63 years (September 29, 1957)

Where is Troy Pierson now?

To answear rnorton’s question; The kid who hit Sam’s car, Troy Pierson was convicted of vehicular manslaughter, and today lives and works in Las Vegas.

How much is Dice Clay worth?

Andrew Dice Clay Net Worth: Andrew Dice Clay (aka “The Diceman”) is an American comedian and actor who has a net worth of $10 million dollars.

What nationality is Dice Clay?


How tall is Dice Clay?

5′ 11″

What is clay dice real name?

Andrew Clay Silverstein

How tall is dice Sam and Cat?

Cameron Ocasio
Born September 7, 1999 (age 21) Long Island City, New York
Occupation Actor
Physical description
Height 5’7″ (170 cm)

When was Dice Clay born?

September 29, 1957 (age 63 years)

Where was Andrew Dice Clay born?

Brooklyn, New York, NY

Why did Victorious get Cancelled?

According to a leading entertainment portal, the fans blamed Ariana Grande to be the reason for the end of the show. They accused that her working for a spinoff, Sam & Cat was the reason the makers cancelled Victorious’ seasons in future. Ariana Grande was prompt to reply.

Does Netflix have iCarly?

iCarly is now streaming on Netflix in the U.S., but the streaming service only has two seasons of the Nickelodeon show streaming.

Why is Cat Valentine so childish?

Cat Valentine: Cat is so aloof because she is suffering through emotional, sexual, and potentially physical abuse from her brother (who has been referred to in the show as “crazy,”) She is on anti-depressants which make her so perky, and her brothers abuse has caused her to revert back to a childlike state to help cope …

Is Cat Valentine mentally ill?

In one video, highlighted on the YouTube channel Jayniac Jr, we see Robbie singing about each character and during his segment about Cat, he reveals that she is bipolar.