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What did Noah find out about the sewage tank?

What did Noah find out about the sewage tank?

What discovery does Noah make about the sewage tank when he is down near the docks late one night? He discovers that it is just a prop because it is rusted all the way through. Shelly tells Noah that something happened to Lice.

How does Noah retaliate?

punches Noah in the eye and spits on him. How does Noah retaliate? Noah catches Jasper Jr. with his fishing line in retaliation.

Who is Paine Underwood in the book flush?

Noah’s dad Paine Underwood is on a mission to stop Dusty Muleman from dumping sewage from his Casino Boat into the ocean. During Paine’s mission to stop the sewage problem, he ended up sinking the boat so the problem would stop forever but… He ended up in jail.

What is the climax in flush?

He has prepared many tasks but the real task is to put Dusty away for good. Climax: The mission has begun, Noah is beginning the mission that he has prepared for, it is all coming to this. Noah flushes the dye and quickly leaves. But wait hes caught, a mysterious man rescues him and Abbey.

What is the plot of flush?

Plot. The narrator of the story is a teenage boy name Noah Underwood. Noah’s father, Paine, a passionate environmentalist, has been arrested for sinking the Coral Queen, a casino boat operated by “Dusty” Muleman, whom Paine believes has been illegally dumping sewage from the boat’s holding tank into the ocean at night.

What is the theme of flush?

Probably the main theme that emerges from the book, “Flush,” is the importance of standing up for what you believe in. Although Paine Underwood is a passionate man and does stand up for what he believes in, sometimes his over zealousness gets him into trouble.

What is the setting of the book flush?

Thunder beach

Why does Mr Underwood punch holes throughout the Underwood House?

Why does Mr. Underwood punch holes throughout the Underwood house? Dusty Muleman got off easy and only had to pay $10,000.