WHAT DID number 5 say in Greek?

WHAT DID number 5 say in Greek?

In hopes of getting Reginald’s attention — or at least to let him know he means no trouble — Five yells this, in Greek: “Ἄνδρα μοι ἔννεπε, μοῦσα, πολύτροπον, ὃς μάλα πολλὰ.” Can you not understand, let alone read, Ancient Greek? Don’t worry!

Why is Luther so weak?

Luther was severely injured and close to dying, so to save him, Reginald injected him with a serum that turned his upper body into that of an ape, hence why his peculiar appearance. Although this increased his muscle mass and strength to an extent, he seems weaker than he was before the accident.

Can Diego stop bullets?

What the series did keep about Diego’s talents is trajectory curving, which is why he is so skilled with knives and never misses. This power is not limited to knives, and he can curve the trajectory of anything he throws or is thrown at him, which is why he was able to stop and redirect the bullets.

Why is number 5 older?

When The Handler (Kate Walsh) turned up and offered Number Five a job working for the Commission and bumping off people, he was seen to have become a wizened old man with a grizzly beard. So, Number Five did age significantly but the process of travelling through time has left him stuck perhaps permanently as a teen.

Why does number 5 have no name?

He was never given a birth name. While the rest of The Boy’s siblings grew up in the normal world and adopted real names as they got older, The Boy disappeared when he was 10 years old when he tried to time travel and got stuck in the future.

Does Number 5 have a girlfriend?

Number Five (played by Aidan Gallagher) took hold of the series early on as he announced the end of the world was on its way in eight days. But strangely more intriguing was Number Five’s love interest with his wife, Dolores – the mannequin.

Why does number 5 look like a kid?

It’s only thanks to Five’s time travel abilities that they were able to escape by traveling back to the 1960s, but Five’s shaky grasp of time travel scattered them across a period of several years. His struggles with time travel are also the reason why he still looks like a kid.

What is Hargreeves 5 zodiac?


Why are they trying to kill Number 5 Umbrella Academy?

She wanted Five to assassinate every member of The Board of The Commission, in return for the time-traveling briefcase. So, Five made his way to the designated spot and killed everyone but The Handler didn’t stay true to the original agreement. She played Five for his desperation to save his family.

How old is Klaus?

34 Years Old

Is Klaus pansexual?

The character of Klaus didn’t start out pansexual. The show is based on a comic series, written by band My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way. In the comics, the seven siblings are white and presumably (with no evidence to the contrary, at least), cisgender and heterosexual.

Is Klaus Hargreeves immortal?

THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY POWERS AND NUMBERS In the comic books, it was revealed that Klaus is immortal after he was rejected by God himself. Though the series has referenced this event, it has not explicitly been said that Klaus is immortal.

Does Klaus have PTSD?

10 HE HAS SEVERE PTSD Already, Klaus was tortured as a child. However, once he goes and returns from the war, his PTSD takes an even stronger turn. The meds kept him sedated as to not see the dead, but now his mind is plagued with the death of his love, and the trauma of war.