What did Ong Teng Cheong do?

What did Ong Teng Cheong do?

He became Singapore’s first elected President a year later and also the Commander-in-Chief. and it was a presidency marked by many charitable projects (the largest of which is the President’s Star Charity, an annual event initiated by Ong).

When did Ong Teng Cheong died?

February 8, 2002
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Is Lee Kuan Yew Hakka?

The island was part of the Straits Settlements under British colonial rule, and both of Lee’s parents were English-educated third-generation Straits Chinese. Lee’s paternal great-grandfather, Lee Bok Boon, was of Hakka descent and emigrated from Dabu County, Guangdong, to the Straits Settlements in 1862.

Who is the sixth president of Singapore?

S. R. Nathan

Sellapan Ramanathan DUT (First Class), PJG
செல்லப்பன் ராமநாதன்
6th President of Singapore
In office 1 September 1999 – 31 August 2011
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Who is the first elected president of Singapore?

The Returning Officer Ong Kok Min declared Ong Teng Cheong as Singapore’s first president-elect and was inaugurated as the fifth President of Singapore on 1 September 1993..

How much is the salary of Singapore President?

President of Singapore

President of the Republic of Singapore
Inaugural holder Yusof Ishak
Formation 9 August 1965
Salary S$1,680,000 annually
Website istana.gov.sg

Who wrote Singapore national anthem?

Encik Zubir Said
The Origin. With a stirring melody and lyrics that echo the enduring hope and spirit of Singaporeans for progress, the National Anthem, “Majulah Singapura” (meaning “Onward Singapore”), is a musical expression of Singapore’s identity as a nation. “Majulah Singapura” was composed in 1958 by the late Encik Zubir Said.