What did Ulysses S Grant say about the Mexican War?

What did Ulysses S Grant say about the Mexican War?

“For myself,” Grant wrote later about the United States war against Mexico, “I was bitterly opposed to the measure, and to this day regard the war, which resulted, as one of the most unjust ever waged by a stronger against a weaker nation.” …

What did Ulysses S Grant believe in politically?

Grant’s disdain for politics might be responsible for some of the corruption in his administration. He believed that his more straightforward approach was superior but his inability or unwillingness to play the political game led him to become involved with people of an unsavory reputation.

When were Grant’s memoirs published?


What was Ulysses S Grant character traits?

The character traits of President Ulysses S Grant can be described as modest, quiet, prudish, highly intelligent, superstitious, courteous and loyal.

Who was a better general Lee or Grant?

Grant was a rough and tumble tanner from Ohio. Robert E. Lee was a patriarchic southern aristocrat. Lee is considered the better commander. He scored huge victories up until Gettysburg in 1863, while fighting against bigger and better supplied troops.

What made Ulysses S Grant a great leader?

Grant, who was earning a reputation as a tenacious and determined leader, was appointed lieutenant general by Lincoln on March 10, 1864 and given command of all U.S. armies. He led a series of campaigns that ultimately wore down the Confederate army and helped bring the deadliest conflict in U.S. history to a close.

Why is Ulysses S Grant a hero?

In 1865, as commanding general, Ulysses S. Grant led the Union Armies to victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War. As an American hero, Grant was later elected the 18th President of the United States (1869–1877), working to implement Congressional Reconstruction and to remove the vestiges of slavery.

Who was the worst Confederate general?

General Braxton Bragg

What was General Ulysses S Grant’s strategy to win the war?

By 1863, however, the Northern military plan consisted of five major goals: Fully blockade all Southern coasts. This strategy, known as the Anaconda Plan, would eliminate the possibility of Confederate help from abroad. Control the Mississippi River.

What were the three parts of the union’s strategy to win the war?

Based on this strategic environment, General Winfield Scott developed an initial plan which consisted of three steps: 1) the blockade of the Southern seaports; 2) the control of the Mississippi River; and 3) the capture of Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy.

Why was grant such a great general?

Grant Was One of America’s Most Brilliant Military Leaders. What he lacked in knowledge of military art and science, he made up for with tenacity and grit. What he lacked in knowledge of military art and science, he made up for with tenacity and grit. In March 1864, Ulysses S.

Why did Grant adopt the total war strategy?

Why did General Grant adopt the total war strategy? to bring the war to a speedy end. to prove that he was worthy of the job. to seek revenge against General Lee. to wage a defensive campaign.

What strategy did General Grant ultimately adopt to achieve victory for the union?

not retreating

How did the Total War strategy contribute to the end of the war?

Answer. Answer: Grant and Sherman used the strategy of total war to shorten the war in their favor, using the many deaths of enemies to save live on their side. We way never know if more would have died if they didn’t use the tactic, but in my opinion civilian lives were not theirs to take.

How did technology affect military strategy during the Civil War?

How did technology affect military strategy during the Civil War? Tech increased accuracy, loading, and pace of rifles. Land mines, the minie ball,trenches, barricades and grenade discovered. allowed blacks to enlist, discourages Britian to support South, & added moral purpose to the war.

Which technology left the most lasting impact?

machine gun

What military tactics were used during the Civil War?

The main strategy was to advance at a quick trot until in range of the enemy. The men in the front fired, then wheeled away. In their second charge they advanced at full gallop using either a short sword or cutlass. In the Civil War, the opening of the battle usually involved groups of cavalry.

What was the most deadliest weapon in the Civil War?

Gatling Gun

Did they use Gatling guns at Gettysburg?

We often get asked about Gatling Guns in the Battle of Gettysburg. While they were not used here in July 1863, the weapon itself served as an important innovation to warfare.

How old was the youngest soldier in the Civil War?

Meet John Lincoln Clem (1851 – 1937), the youngest Union soldier in the Civil War who, in 1915 at age 64, retired from the US Army, the only surviving Civil War veteran then in active service.

How did Johnny Shiloh die?

The legend suggests that he came very near to losing his life when a fragment from a shrapnel shell crashed through his drum, knocking him unconscious and that subsequently his comrades who found and rescued him from the battlefield nicknamed Clem “Johnny Shiloh.” The weight of historical evidence however suggests that …

Who was the youngest soldier killed in the Civil War?

Charley King

What was the most common job that most soldiers had before the Civil War?

The majority of soldiers North and South had been farmers before the war. Union rosters contained references to more than 300 different careers, including accountant, surveyor, locksmith, teacher, carpenter, shoemaker, black- smith, painter, mason, teamster, and mechanic.

How many Confederate soldiers were conscripted?

In the absence of exact records, estimates of the percentage of Confederate soldiers who were draftees are about double the 6 percent of United States soldiers who were conscripts….

Confederate States Army
Size 1,082,119 total who served 464,646 peak in 1863
Part of C.S. War Department
Colors Cadet gray
March “Dixie”

What was the main cause of death in the Civil War?

American Civil War casualties are those soldiers, both Union and Confederate, who died, were wounded, went missing or were captured. Of those who died, by far the leading cause of death was disease. The exact number of dead will never be known with any certainty.

What did Civil War soldiers sleep on?

While on the move in warmer weather, soldiers often slept in, easily-erected canvas tents or they simply slept without cover, under the stars. In the winter, large camps were established with more substantial shelter.

What did Civil War soldiers use for toilet paper?

Civil war soldiers used leaves, grass, twigs, corncobs, and books for toilet paper.

How often did Civil War soldiers bathe?

HyGiene: Soldiers were supposed to bathe weekly and wash their face and hands daily. Sometimes they did neither. This led to lice infestations – not to mention mice and ants – in the camps. Soldiers picked lice off one another.

Why was medical care so appalling during the Civil War?

Why was medical care so appalling during the Civil War? Doctors did not understand the causes of infection or the need for sanitary procedures in surgery. Why were Civil War battles more deadly than battles in previous wars? New weapons such as rifled muskets were more accurate.