What did we say before okay?

What did we say before okay?

OK used such familiar sounds that speakers of other languages, hearing it, could rethink it as an expression or abbreviation in their own language. Before 1839, English speakers had “yes”, “good”, “fine”, “excellent”, “satisfactory”, and “all right”.

How do you say formally alright?


  1. agreeable,
  2. all right,
  3. copacetic.
  4. (also copasetic or copesetic),
  5. ducky,
  6. fine,
  7. good,
  8. hunky-dory,

How do you spell already?

Correct spelling for the English word “already” is [ɔːlɹˈɛdi], [ɔːlɹˈɛdi], [ɔː_l_ɹ_ˈɛ_d_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

What do mean already?

Already means “previously” ( The plane had already left the airport ) or “so soon” ( Is it lunchtime already? ).

Had already VS have already?

You use “had already” if you are speaking about a past event that is referenced in the past tense. you use “Have already” when you are speaking about a past event referenced in the present tense.

How do you use the word already?

Already: meaning We use already to emphasise that something was completed before something else happened. It is often used with the present perfect or past perfect: The plane had already landed when the pilot announced that there would be a delay in getting to the gate.

What is another word for already?

What is another word for already?

before previously
early hitherto
precedently preliminarily
sooner then
afore ahead

Is it already or all ready?

“All ready” is a phrase meaning “completely prepared,” as in “As soon as I put my coat on, I’ll be all ready.” “Already,” however, is an adverb used to describe something that has happened before a certain time, as in “What do you mean you’d rather stay home? I’ve already got my coat on.”

What does altogether mean?

1 : wholly, completely an altogether different problem stopped raining altogether. 2 : in all : all told spent a hundred dollars altogether. 3 : on the whole Altogether their efforts were successful.

How do you say all together?


  1. all at once.
  2. all together.
  3. contemporaneously.
  4. jointly.
  5. simultaneously.
  6. synchronously.
  7. unitedly.

What does in toto mean?

English Language Learners Definition of in toto formal : as a whole : totally or completely. See the full definition for in toto in the English Language Learners Dictionary. in toto. adverb.

What is another word for all together?

What is another word for all together?

inclusive comprehensive
all-around all-encompassing
all-in across-the-board
all-embracing across the board
all-together catch-all

What does have all together mean?

and have got it all together to. be mentally and physically organized; to be of sound mind. I don’t have it all together today.