What do Annies statements about hypocrisy?

What do Annies statements about hypocrisy?

Answer: Annie’s statements about hypocrisy reveals that her mother misunderstands Annie and blames her for every wrong thing that happens. The relationship between Annie and her mother is not good as Annie is a very headstrong and enthusiastic girl with a very positive outlook.

Where did Annie go on evening walks with her father?

As she walks with her parents along the jetty where a boat awaits her, she remembers the walks to the jetty she used to take with her father in years past. This young girl has mixed feelings about leaving. Read this excerpt from the novel Annie John to see what happens.

What does sing Benna mean?

Benna. Antiguan folksongs, or benna, symbolize sexuality, a subject the mother fears her daughter already knows too much about. Historically, native Antiguans sang benna to secretly spread scandalous rumors and gossip under the uncomprehending British people’s noses.

Is girl a poem?

‘Girl’, a Prose Poem ‘Girl’ is a prose poem written by Jamaica Kincaid that was published in The New Yorker in 1978.

What sentence structure is repeated in girl?

What sentence structure is repeated (syntax)? What effect does this have on the mood and tone of the story? Technically, there is only one sentence in this entire story. It’s comprised of many subordinate clauses, usually separated with semicolons.

What is the tone in girl?

The tone of the poem is one of denial, because of the instruction in which the mother was giving to the daughter. As stated, “always eat your food… turn someone else’s stomach;” and tone is throughout the poem.

What good advice does the speaker of girl give her daughter?

Girl” consists of a two-page dramatic monologue in which a considered mother gives advice to her daughter, the “girl.” Realizing that her daughter has reached sexual maturity, the mother tells her to be careful and never allow herself to become the “kind of woman the baker won’t let near the bread.”

Is there a plot in girl?

“Girl” consists of a single sentence of advice a mother imparts to her daughter, only twice interrupted by the girl to ask a question or defend herself. She tells her daughter how to do such household chores as laundry, sewing, ironing, cooking, setting the table, sweeping, and washing.

What is the girl theme?

Structure. The theme for “Girl” is mother-daughter dispute. In this story, the mother goes on and on teaching the daughter how to be the perfect woman in society. As the story goes on, the mother’s directions get more demanding.

Who is the narrator of girl?

First Person (Central Narrator) Normally, in a first-person narrative, the protagonist is narrating her story. But in “Girl,” there’s no real narrator.

What is the point of view of the story girl?

The point of view is first person narrator in that almost all of the story comes to the reader as the voice of the mother speaking to her daughter. Only twice does the daughter’s voice break in to make brief comments. She is merely the listener to whom the mother speaks.