What do German people call their mothers?

What do German people call their mothers?


What do you call your dads mum?

Hi, In English, mom’s mom is called grandma, and dad’s mom is also called grandma.

What do I call my mom’s cousin?

first cousin, once removed

Is it rude to call your mom Mother?

No. There is nothing improper about referring to your mother as ‘Mother’. But — why don’t you ask her what she would prefer for you to call her and go with that. Mother is merely a more formal way of addressing your mother person.

What do I call my mother brother?


What do u call your father’s brother?


Can I marry my father’s sister’s daughter?

You can marry your father’s sister daughter/son OR your mother’s brother daughter/son. But you cannot marry your father’s brother son/daughter OR your mother’s sister son/daughter.

What am I to my father’s brother?

If you are a girl, then you are his niece and if you a boy, then you are his nephew. My dad’s brother is my uncle.

What is my father’s brother’s daughter called?


What do I call my sisters husbands parents?

Your sister is married and her husband’s parents are her in-laws. Her husband’s mother is her mother-in-law, while his father is her father-in-law. Consequently, you could also call them: my sister’s parents-in-laws.

Can my brother be my uncle?

For someone to be your brother, they must have the same set of parents as you. To be your uncle, they must have the same set of parents as one of your parents. There’s no overlap there. That’s still only a half-brother, since you and he have different fathers.

What is a Uncle Brother?

If your biological aunt somehow marries your brother, that’s an uncle-brother. It’s possibly legal if one of them was abandoned, adopted, then met and got married. It’s also possible via incest, like your brother’s a half-brother where his father is your grandfather.

Is my dad’s half brother my uncle?

Your father’s half brother is still your Paternal Uncle and his children would also be your 1st cousins. It’s the differing grandparents that will be called (technically) step-grandparents.

Can you become your own brother?

You can become your parent’s adopted brother if you were formally adopted by your grandparent(s). You can become your parent’s brother in law if you marry your uncle or aunt. Like 2, this is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Can I be my own dad?

Yes, you can become your own father. As an adult, you know what’s best for you and if you are wise, you will provide for yourself, unlike the man who did or didn’t raise you.

Can you be older than your uncle or aunt?

Yes. It’s not that uncommon in large families. Absolutely, my oldest niece is older than my youngest brother.

Can I become my own grandparent?

A proof that a man may be his own Grandfather. —There was a widow and her daughter-in-law, and a man and his son. They had a son, to whom she was great-grandmother; now, as the son of a great-grandmother must be either a grandfather or great-uncle, this boy was therefore his own grandfather.

Is it possible to be an uncle and a grandpa?

Say John Doe has sex with his mother, producing a girl named Jane. Jane is both his daughter and half-sister. Then John has sex with Jane, producing another kid.

Has anyone been their own grandpa?

My wife was my grandmother, because she was my mother’s mother. I was my wife’s husband and grandchild at the same time. And as the husband of a person’s grandmother is his grandfather, I am my own grandfather.” The Titusville suicide victim who became his own grandfather was identified, in 1893, as William Harmen.

How can fry be his own grandfather?

Private Enos Fry was a United States Army private as of 1947. He was originally Philip J. Fry’s grandfather until Fry’s time travel and interference led to his death. Shortly afterwards, Fry impregnated his grandmother, thereby becoming his own grandfather.

Does fry have a son?

He is the father of Yancy Fry, Sr. (due to an affair with his soon-to-be paternal grandmother), thus making him his own grandfather….

Philip J. Fry
Significant other Michelle Jenkins (ex-girlfriend)
Children Yancy Fry, Sr. (son; via time warp) Kif’s Offspring (stepchildren)

How old is Fry in Futurama?

Age. Fry was biologically 25 at the start of the series but is chronologically 1,025 or 1,026 in the year 3000.

What is the saddest episode of Futurama?

Jurassic Bark

Did fry ever get his dog back?

In the episode, Jurassic Bark, it turns out he has waited for Philip I all his life for him to return. This was later negated by the events Benders Big Score, giving Seymour 10 good years with Fry and 2 years with the support Fry built up during that time, until Fry finally did return.

How does Futurama end?

Despite having enjoyed growing old together, Fry and Leela both agree to “go around again” and the Professor presses the button, ending the episode and the series.

What is the best episode of Futurama?

The 10 Greatest Episodes of ‘Futurama’

  1. Godfellas (Season 4, Episode 8)
  2. Jurassic Bark (Season 5, Episode 2)
  3. Roswell That Ends Well (Season 3, Episode 19)
  4. The Luck of the Fryrish (Season 3, Episode 10)
  5. The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings (Season 5, Episode 16)
  6. Fry and the Slurm Factory (Season 2, Episode 4)