What do they call a gun in the outsiders?

What do they call a gun in the outsiders?

heater [Slang] a pistol. indignant feeling or expressing anger or scorn, especially at unjust, mean, or ungrateful action or treatment. JD short for juvenile delinquent. madras a fine, firm cotton cloth, usually striped or plaid, used for shirts, dresses, and so on.

What is the hood in the outsiders?

The Outsiders slang term

Hood Like a greaser
Fuzz Police
Bozzed up Drunk
Rank Something Uncool

Who died in outsiders?

Three major characters who die in the novel The Outsiders are Bob Sheldon, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston.

How did Darry die?

Dally died by police fire: suicide by cop. In this book, Dallas dies by being shot by a whole bunch of police officers. He has robbed a grocery store and the police are chasing him. When Johnny died, Dally was so sad that he ran out of the hospital and it seems that he went straight out and robbed the store.

How did ponyboy feel after Dally died?

The deaths of Dally and Johnny affected Ponyboy deeply. He began to see things that he had been blinded to before and to realize that people are not always who they seem to be.

How did ponyboy get hurt?

How did Ponyboy get hurt? He fell down and hit his head. He fell off of his motorcycle.

Why does ponyboy get jumped?

Ponyboy is attacked when walking home from the movies by the Socs because he is a greaser, and the two gangs are engaged in an ongoing retaliatory turfwar. Ponyboy explains early on that he should not be walking home alone, because he is a greaser and he risks getting “jumped” or beaten up.

How did Johnny get jumped?

About four months ago, Johnny was out in a field hunting a football to practice a few kicks, and four Socs drove by in a blue Mustang. They stopped and jumped him, beating Johnny half to death. One of the Socs wore several rings and the rings badly cut Johnny.

Was ponyboy jumped in the movie?

As explained in the above answer, Ponyboy, part of the Greaser gang, is jumped by a group of Socs, a rival gang, on his way home from the cinema, and saved by his brothers and other Greasers. Ponyboy is rescued by his brothers and other Greasers whom he also regards as family.

Did ponyboy get jumped?

Ponyboy Gets Jumped The Socs like to beat up Greasers, and will often jump any they find on their own. Ponyboy wishes he was not alone, and it makes him nervous.

When ponyboy was jumped Who saved him?

1. The first time Ponyboy was jumped by the Socs: He escaped harm by running away. His younger brother, Soda, saved him.

Who tells Dally to leave girls alone?

Outsiders Chapter 1-3

Question Answer
Who spoke up and told Dally to leave the girls alone? Johnny
What happened to Ponyboy as he walked home from the movies alone? He was jumped by the Socs.
List three Greasers other than Pony boy Darry, Soda Pop and Johnny

Who does ponyboy love most?

Who does Ponyboy love more than anyone else? Soda and Johnny.

What do rich kids call ponyboy?