What do you call French cooking?

What do you call French cooking?

Confit (/kɒnfi/, French pronunciation: ​[kɔ̃fi]) (from the French word confire, literally “to preserve”) is any type of food that is cooked slowly over a long period of time as a method of preservation.

What is the meaning of Poisson in English?

Translation of “poisson” in English. Noun. fish. seafood.

What does rat mean in French?


What are different types of fish in French?

English to French Fish Names

English Name French Name
perch fillets – small lake fish Filets de Perche
Sturgeon Esturgeon
Swordfish Espadon
Trout Truite

What is poison in French?

poison → empoisonner, intoxiquer.

What is the French word for orange?


How do you say Kiwi in French?


  1. Fruit d’une liane. kiwi → kiwi; chinese gooseberry;
  2. (Zoologie) Oiseau. kiwi → kiwi;
  3. Monnaie de la Nouvelle-Zélande. kiwi → kiwi;

Is Orange in French feminine?

Colours marron (brown/chestnut) and orange (orange) never change in any form, plural and/or feminine….Related lessons.

Masculine Singular orange
Feminine Singular orange
Masculine Plural orange
Feminine Plural orange
English orange

How do you count 1 to 1000 in French?

Un, deux, trois, c’est parti (one, two, three, here we go)!…

  1. Un.
  2. Deux.
  3. Trois.
  4. Quatre.
  5. Cinq.
  6. Six.
  7. Sept.
  8. Huit.

How do you spell 3000 in French?

3000 est le trois millième nombre.

How do you spell 2000 in French?

So: 1000 = mille, 2000 = deux mille, 2001 = deux mille un, 3079 = trois mille soixante-dix-neuf.

How do you say 18 45 in French?

The French translation for “quarter to seven (18:45)” is sept heures moins le quart.

How do you say 7/30 in French?

Il est sept heures et demie. (It’s 7:30.)

How do you say 8 30pm in French?

The French translation for “half past eight (8:30)” is huit heures et demie.

What are the colors in French?

The most common colors in French

  • red – rouge.
  • yellow – jaune.
  • blue – bleu/bleue.
  • green – vert/verte.
  • orange – orange.
  • white – blanc/blanche.
  • black – noir/noire.
  • gray – gris/grise.

WHAT IS A in French?

The preposition à is generally summarized as “to, at, or in,” but it has quite a few more meanings and uses than that. When à is followed by the definite article le or les, the two words must contract.

What are the French numbers?

Talking about French numbers 0 to 100

  • zéro. zero.
  • un. one.
  • deux. two.
  • trois. three.
  • quatre. four.
  • cinq. five.
  • six. six.
  • sept. seven.

How do you say 82 in French?

Here are the French Numbers 81-90….French Numbers 81-90.

Number French Spelling Pronunciation
82 quatre-vingt-deux ka-truh-vahn-duhr
83 quatre-vingt-trois ka-truh-vahn-twah
84 quatre-vingt-quatre ka-truh-vahn-katr
85 quatre-vingt-cinq ka-truh-vahn-sank

How do you say 72 in French?

The Number 72 in French 72 est le soixante-douzième nombre.