What do you eat with laverbread?

What do you eat with laverbread?

Preparation. Laverbread is often served rolled with fine oatmeal into little cakes and fried into crisp patties with eggs, bacon and cockles for a traditional Welsh breakfast.

How do you eat tinned laverbread?

Laver is a fine seaweed collected for consumption along the Welsh coastline. Welsh laverbread or “bara lawr” has nothing to do with bread and is rather like a purée and is most commonly enjoyed with shellfish or on hot buttered toast.

What is the main ingredient of laverbread?

Laverbread is made from the seaweed Porphyra umbilicalis from the genus Porphyra and family Bangiaceae. The seaweed is commonly found around the west coast of Great Britain and east coast of Ireland along the Irish Sea, where it is also known as sleabhac or slake.

Can you cook laverbread from frozen?

Freezing: If you have too much laverbread to use immediately, it freezes very well. Simply wrap in greaseproof paper and freeze in an airtight container. When you’re ready to use them all you need to do is just defrost before cooking.

How was Laverbread traditionally eaten?

It was a working-class food, traditionally eaten by miners at breakfast with bacon, eggs and cockles, often mixed with oatmeal and fried in bacon fat or butter. It’s been eaten for centuries, most likely as a survival food due to its abundance and cheapness.

What is a traditional Welsh breakfast?

A Welsh breakfast is a cooked breakfast which includes traditional Welsh dishes and Welsh ingredients. The components of a Welsh breakfast vary, and are a topic of debate. Some common features are bacon, sausages, cockles, laverbread, black pudding, oatmeal, eggs, fried mushrooms, tomatoes, and smoked fish.

Can you eat laverbread cold?

Laverbread can be eaten cold as I found out once at the Lorient Festival in Brittany where I was promoting Welsh produce for the Welsh Government’s Food Directorate one year. To my amazement the Bretons and other visitors to the event loved eating the cold laverbread served with bits of crusty bread.

Is laverbread a Superfood?

Made from seaweed, washed and pureed, then cooked to make a soft greenish black paste, laverbread is nutritious and filled with health benefits. …

What are the health benefits of Laverbread?

Rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and low in calories, it is a rare plant source of vitamin B12, that also includes iron and iodine.

Can you eat Laverbread cold?

What are benefits of eating seaweed?

Seaweed is an increasingly popular ingredient in cuisines all over the world. It’s the best dietary source of iodine, which helps support your thyroid gland. It also contains other vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, B vitamins, zinc and iron, along with antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage.

How to make laverbread with bacon and oatmeal?

Take a small pudding basin and tip in the oatmeal. Shake to coat sides. Tip in laverbread and toss several times until the laverbread is coated with the oatmeal. Fry the bacon until crisp. Remove bacon from the pan and tip the laverbread into the hot fat. Keep shaking the pan until the laverbread is cooked.

What’s the best way to make laverbread breakfast?

1. Mix the laverbread (Parsons is a well-known brand) with the porridge oats in a large bowl with a fork. 2. Add a grind of black pepper and a good pinch of sea salt (Halen Môn is very good, made in Wales, and widely available) and mix well.

What kind of food is served with laverbread?

Laverbread is often served rolled with fine oatmeal into little cakes and fried into crisp patties with eggs, bacon and cockles for a traditional Welsh breakfast.

How to make laverbread from fresh seaweed?

Laverbread. 1 600g fresh laver seaweed. 2 3 tablespoons olive oil. 3 1 to 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice. 4 salt and pepper, to taste. 5 4 slices bread. 6 butter, to taste.