What do you mean by activated?

What do you mean by activated?

transitive verb. : to make active or more active: such as. a(1) : to make (something, such as a molecule) reactive or more reactive. (2) : to convert (something, such as a provitamin) into a biologically active derivative.

What does activation mean?

Use the noun activation to describe the process of turning on or starting something, or energizing someone. A missing cat might inspire the activation of a neighborhood search party. The activation of a school policy to combat bullying both starts the program up and inspires people to get involved with it.

What part of speech is activation?


part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: activates, activating, activated

What is another word for activation?

What is another word for activation?

spur stimulus
motivator stimulator
arousing agitation
pressing kickoff
reactivation animus

What are synonyms for activated?

other words for activated

  • mobilize.
  • stimulate.
  • trigger.
  • turn on.
  • energize.
  • move.
  • prompt.
  • propel.

What’s the opposite of activate?

Antonyms: deactivate, inactivate. Synonyms: set off, trigger, actuate, trigger off, spark, trip, spark off, aerate, touch off.

What means trigger?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : a piece (such as a lever) connected with a catch or detent as a means of releasing it especially : the part of the action moved by the finger to fire a gun. b : a similar movable part by which a mechanism is actuated trigger of a spray gun.

Is deactivate the opposite of activate?

“A protective system is connected to the power system to sense selected circuit conditions and deactivate the power system upon the occurrence of a fault.” “If the range has an upper oven and fan, disengage the duct connection first.”…What is the opposite of activate?

deactivate disable
turn out log off
close put out
stem inactivate
incapacitate freeze

What does deactivate mean?

transitive verb. : to make inactive or ineffective deactivate a bomb deactivate a chemical compound.

How do you activate something?

To activate something is to start it off, trigger it, or set it in motion. A villain in a late-night movie might say, “Activate the robot chickens!” And then you’re free to activate your remote and change the channel. To activate something is to make it active.

Is activated or was activated?

“is activated” is about present. “was activated” is about past.

What is activation code?

Activation Code means a unique license or authorization number or activation code necessary for any Solution to be enabled or activated for use.

What is the difference between active and activate?

As verbs the difference between active and activated is that active is while activated is (activate).

Is activated in a sentence?

Activated sentence example. She set it on top of the control panel and assessed the results, then activated the generator’s artificial intelligence so it would adjust as needed to power the town.

What is a good sentence for activate?

Activate sentence example. He touched the communications device to activate it. It didn’t activate at his touch, and he suspected it was locked to everyone but her. Can you activate it?

What is activation process?

In the activation process, the functional groups present on the surface of polymeric material are replaced with atoms or chemical groups from the plasma. In this process, upon plasma treatment the plasma breaks the polymer’s backbone or groups from the backbone, creating free radicals on the surface.

What is an activation plan?

What Is a Brand Activation Plan? A brand activation plan is the critical asset that allows you to start transforming those insights into business realities. Crafted in the right way, it enables your brand to drive consumer action and engagement via brand experiences.

What is activation product?

Activation products are materials made radioactive by neutron activation. Some nuclides originate in more than one way, as activation products or fission products. Activation products in a reactor’s primary coolant loop are a main reason reactors use a chain of two or even three coolant loops linked by heat exchangers.

What are the different activation functions?

Types of Activation Functions

  • Sigmoid Function. In an ANN, the sigmoid function is a non-linear AF used primarily in feedforward neural networks.
  • Hyperbolic Tangent Function (Tanh)
  • Softmax Function.
  • Softsign Function.
  • Rectified Linear Unit (ReLU) Function.
  • Exponential Linear Units (ELUs) Function.

Why is ReLU used?

ReLU stands for Rectified Linear Unit. The main advantage of using the ReLU function over other activation functions is that it does not activate all the neurons at the same time. Due to this reason, during the backpropogation process, the weights and biases for some neurons are not updated.

What is an activation value?

The input nodes take in information, in the form which can be numerically expressed. The information is presented as activation values, where each node is given a number, the higher the number, the greater the activation. This information is then passed throughout the network.

How many activation functions are there?

There are perhaps three activation functions you may want to consider for use in hidden layers; they are: Rectified Linear Activation (ReLU) Logistic (Sigmoid) Hyperbolic Tangent (Tanh)

Why is activation function needed?

Definition of activation function:- Activation function decides, whether a neuron should be activated or not by calculating weighted sum and further adding bias with it. The purpose of the activation function is to introduce non-linearity into the output of a neuron.

What is activation function and its types?

An activation function is a very important feature of an artificial neural network , they basically decide whether the neuron should be activated or not. In artificial neural networks, the activation function defines the output of that node given an input or set of inputs.

Is Softmax an activation function?

The softmax function is used as the activation function in the output layer of neural network models that predict a multinomial probability distribution. The function can be used as an activation function for a hidden layer in a neural network, although this is less common.

Why is it called Softmax?

Why is it called Softmax? It is an approximation of Max. It is a soft/smooth approximation of max. Notice how it approximates the sharp corner at 0 using a smooth curve.

Why is there a dropout layer?

— Dropout: A Simple Way to Prevent Neural Networks from Overfitting, 2014. Because the outputs of a layer under dropout are randomly subsampled, it has the effect of reducing the capacity or thinning the network during training. As such, a wider network, e.g. more nodes, may be required when using dropout.

What is a Softmax layer?

That is, Softmax assigns decimal probabilities to each class in a multi-class problem. Softmax is implemented through a neural network layer just before the output layer. The Softmax layer must have the same number of nodes as the output layer.

How is Softmax calculated?

Softmax turns arbitrary real values into probabilities, which are often useful in Machine Learning. The math behind it is pretty simple: given some numbers, Probability = Numerator Denominator \text{Probability} = \frac{\text{Numerator}}{\text{Denominator}} Probability=DenominatorNumerator.