What does a fatuous person mean?

What does a fatuous person mean?

: complacently or inanely foolish : silly a fatuous remark a fatuous socialite with a near-pathological love of parties and shopping— Janet Maslin.

What does febrile mean?

: marked or caused by fever : feverish a febrile reaction caused by an allergy.

What does perplexity mean?

1 : the state of being perplexed : bewilderment. 2 : something that perplexes. 3 : entanglement.

How is perplexity calculated?

Perplexity is sometimes used as a measure of how hard a prediction problem is. This is not always accurate. If you have two choices, one with probability 0.9, then your chances of a correct guess are 90 percent using the optimal strategy. The perplexity is 2−0.9 log2 0.9 – 0.1 log2 0.1= 1.38.

Is lower or higher perplexity better?

A lower perplexity score indicates better generalization performance. In essense, since perplexity is equivalent to the inverse of the geometric mean, a lower perplexity implies data is more likely. As such, as the number of topics increase, the perplexity of the model should decrease.

Is high perplexity good?

This is why people say low perplexity is good and high perplexity is bad since the perplexity is the exponentiation of the entropy (and you can safely think of the concept of perplexity as entropy). A language model is a probability distribution over sentences.

How do you use perplexity?

Perplexity sentence example

  1. In my perplexity I did not know whose aid and advice to seek.
  2. The children looked at each other in perplexity , and the Wizard sighed.
  3. The only thing for me to do in a perplexity is to go ahead, and learn by making mistakes.
  4. By night, of course, the perplexity is infinitely greater.

What is perplexity in machine learning?

In machine learning, the term perplexity has three closely related meanings. Perplexity is a measure of how easy a probability distribution is to predict. Perplexity is a measure of how variable a prediction model is. And perplexity is a measure of prediction error.

Is Perplexion a real word?

Yes, perplexion is a word. Origin. Early 16th century; earliest use found in Mary Magdalene. From post-classical Latin perplexion-, perplexio state or condition or being perplexed from classical Latin perplexus + -iō.

How do you use flatter in a sentence?

Examples of flatter in a Sentence Verb He flattered her with comments about her youthful appearance. It flattered her to be asked to sing at their wedding. That dress really flatters your figure.

What does it mean to flatter someone?

to make someone feel important or attractive, or to praise someone in order to please him or her: They were flattered by the invitation from the mayor.

Are you trying to flatter me meaning?

When you flatter someone, you praise and compliment him or her — but you aren’t totally sincere. You flatter your friend by telling her she’s the best driver in the world. Because you want her to offer you a ride.

Is being flattered a good thing?

It is effective, because everyone has insecurities and loves to be told great things about themselves. Flattery is particularly common during dating and in new relationships, but usually wears off as relationships settle into commitment and reality.

When a girl says she is flattered What does that mean?

Phrase: I am flattered. Meaning: In short, it means the same as “I appreciate it” or “It’s nice of you to say.

How can you tell if a guy is flattered?

Here are some signs dating and relationship experts say to look out for.

  1. They Try To Keep Eye Contact.
  2. They Remember Things You’ve Said Before.
  3. They “Mirror” Your Actions.
  4. They Show Their Curiosity.
  5. They Notice Your Similarities & Make Connections.
  6. They Laugh At Your Jokes.
  7. They Make You Feel Like You’re The Only One Around.

Is flattery positive or negative?

It is often assumed Flattery is negative, but it’s not always. Some people will misread this word as negative unless it is clearly supported by effective writing. My advice about Flattery. It’s a common practice to flatter or be flattered, negative or positive.

Why is flattery used?

Flattery (also called adulation or blandishment) is the act of giving excessive compliments, generally for the purpose of ingratiating oneself with the subject. It is also used in pick-up lines when attempting to initiate sexual or romantic courtship.

How flatters should be avoided?

Summary — Chapter XXIII: How to Avoid Flatterers A prince should allow only wise advisers to speak with him, and only when he specifically requests their advice. A prince should not listen to anyone else and should be firm in his decisions. Vacillation will lead to a loss of respect.

How can a girl get flatter?

Part 1 of 2: Flattering Girls With Words

  1. Use a specific compliment like “I really like the way your sweater brings out the colour in your eyes.” A specific compliment is tailored to the girl and is more than just “you’re cute,” or “you’re attractive.”
  2. Another good way is to notice the way she puts together her outfits.

What is the highest form of flattery?