What does Abigail do when she is questioned and accused?

What does Abigail do when she is questioned and accused?

Eventually, Mary becomes frightened enough by Abigail’s performance that she lies and says that Proctor made her accuse Abigail, who she now says is telling the truth. When Abby is questioned again, she turns against Mary, claiming that the girl has sent her spirit out.

How is the poppet symbolic of Abigail herself what about the needle?

Abigail knew that if she wanted John Proctor, she would have to eliminate Elizabeth. She knew that if she stuck herself with a needle and that there was a needle in the poppet that Elizabeth had, Elizabeth would be accused without a doubt. This is how the poppet symbolizes betrayal and deceit.

What is the connection between the poppet and needle and Abigail?

What is the most likely connection between the needle found in the poppet and the needle discovered in Abigail’s belly? Abigail, observing Mary Warren sewing the poppet next to her in court, puts a needle in her own belly in order to cast suspicion on either Proctor and his wife, or both.

What causes Mary Warren to take back her confession?

Why does Mary Warren recant her confession and rejoin Abigail and the other girls? Because Abby was pretending to be attacked by Mary’s spirit in the form of a bird.

How does Mary Warren change during the courtroom scene?

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  • Mary Warren has changed from a subservient household maid to a defiant, rebellious young woman; Her position and authority as a part of the Salem court system has caused this change.
  • strained, but still somewhat affectionate.

Why has Mary Warren changed so much?

One of the most evident changes in Mary is that she is more assertive. In Act I, when Proctor enters and threatens to beat her, she is much more timid. In Act II, she presents herself as much stronger and assertive because of her role in the trials. Simply put, Mary has power and she is not afraid to show it.

Why is Proctor’s name so important?

The name Proctor means steward, or charged with the care of something. Proctor, God’s emissary, bravely surrenders his life, restoring the dignity to his name, removing the shame and guilt from his sin, cleansing it for his family, his wife and children.

Why can’t Danforth see the truth?

Danforth represents the evil of blind certainty in the play: he refuses to accept the truth because to do so would humiliate him. He’d rather see people die.

What is the purpose of Proctor’s change in character?

This leads to an important change of his personality: John Proctor changes from a normal citizen and a sinner to a tragic hero, a person of high sense of morality. This evolution of his character is due to many situations he is faced with and which aroused strong feelings and beliefs.

Why is Proctor’s name so important in Act 3?

Shame overwhelms Proctor, but he demonstrates his loyalty and love for Elizabeth by revealing the affair in order to save her life. She knows that Proctor’s name is important to him, and that he would not ruin his reputation by admitting an affair unless he truly loved her. She can finally trust him again.