What does Alai mean in Hawaiian?

What does Alai mean in Hawaiian?

The Hawaiian coot (Fulica alai), also known as the ʻalae kea in Hawaiian, is a bird in the rail family, Rallidae, that is endemic to Hawaiʻi. In Hawaiian, ʻalae is a noun and means mud hen.

How do you pronounce Leia in Hawaiian?

[ 2 syll. le-ia, lei-a ] The baby girl name Leia is pronounced as LEY-aa- or LIY-aa- †. Leia is of Hebrew, Hawaiian, and Spanish origin, and it is used mainly in the English language.

Is Leia a normal name?

An English form of Leah. The name probably has its origin in a Hebrew word, meaning “weary”, an Assyrian name, meaning “mistress” or a Latin name, meaning “lioness”. Princess Leia was a character in the “Star Wars” series of films.

How do you say the name Leia?

So it seems people who are close to Leia pronounce her name as LAY-uh. But when people who barely know her say her name, they pronounce it as LEE-uh.

How common is the name Leia?

In fact, it only appeared in the top 1,000 baby names in 1978 and 1980 before dropping off the list completely again in 2006. Since then, the name has consistently remained in the top 1,000 baby names in the United States, reaching peak popularity in 2017 when it appeared at 282 on the list.

Is Leia a biblical name?

Leia is the ancient Biblical Greek spelling of Leah (Λεια), a name borne from the Hebrew Bible and Old Testament as the elder sister of Rachel and the first wife of Jacob (Genesis 29:1-30). Her name means “languid, relaxed” in Hebrew.

Do people name their kids Leia?

More rey. Like, did you know that since 1977, when the original Star Wars came out, there’s been a 700 percent increase in kids named Luke in the United States, up to 9,930 in 2016 (the final year of Names. According to the data, in 2016, only 1,005 baby girls were named Leia, and a stunningly low 63 were named Rey.

What does the name Padme mean?

lotus flower

What does Lana name mean?

Lana is a female given name and short name of multiple origins. The name’s use in Irish probably derives from the phrase a leanbh, which was used to call a child. In Hawaiian it means “calm as still waters” or “afloat” In Hawaiian it means “calm as still waters” or “afloat”.

What does the name Lyla mean?

Lila can be a variant of the Hebrew and Arabic word for “night”. Other versions are Lyla and Lilah. As a name it means night, beauty, or dark beauty.

Is Lyla a pretty name?

It’s dainty, it’s pretty and it’s loaded with antique charm. Lyla is easily spelled, easily spoken and an all-around lovely name. Even though the name could have Scottish, Arabic or Hebrew origins, it still does not feel markedly ethnic in any way.

What’s a nickname for Lyla?

My name is Lyla, and my friends call me “Lee-lie” or “Lula” but they’re just being goofy. Normally they just shorten it to “Lye” like, “Lie,” because it is pronounced “LIE-lah.” Alterative spelling of Lila, possibly a feminine form of Lyle.

Is Lyla a rare name?

Lyla was the 118th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 2,293 baby girls named Lyla. 1 out of every 764 baby girls born in 2020 are named Lyla.

Is Lyla short for anything?

What does LYLA mean? Lyla is a feminine name. It is sometimes used as a shortened form of the names Delilah, Leila, and Lars.

Is Lyla a flower?

Plant supplier links ‘Miss Lyla’ _ ‘Miss Lyla’ is a vigorous, upright, dense, evergreen shrub with ovate to elliptic, glossy, dark green leaves and, in mid-spring, semi-double, white flowers, occasionally marked pink.

What does Lyla mean in Arabic?

The name Lyla is primarily a female name of Arabic origin that means Night, Black.

Is Lyla an Islamic name?

Lyla is a Muslim girl name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 3. …

Is Lyla an Arabic name?

The name Lyla is a girl’s name of Arabic origin meaning “night”.

Is Lyla a British name?

The first one is rooted in Arabic and means “night.” When you change the letter “i” to a “y,” the name has an English heritage that has morphed into meaning “island beauty.” The name Lyla has a pretty sound and a number of other variations that are pronounced slightly differently, including Leila, Layla, Leyla and …

Is Lyla in the Bible?

An angel Layla is not mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. There is no direct indication of angelic involvement in Abraham’s coalition with the kings Chedorlaomer, Tidal, Amraphel and Arioch and their night attack on the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah.

What does a Lyla flower look like?

The Lyla Flower or Lyla Weed is a type of flower known to the people of Luc Village, which blooms after rain. This plant has no grounded roots and has a light composition, appearing like a cotton ball.