What does Anne say is her reason for starting a diary?

What does Anne say is her reason for starting a diary?

The author says that her reason for starting a diary is that she has no such friend. Anne starts her diary entries with the words “Dear Kitty” because she knows that no one will understand what she is talking about if she begins her letters to Kitty.

Why does Anne Frank want to keep a diary?

Answer: Anne decided to keep a diary, as she had no “true” friend. She figured paper had more patience than humans did. She had caring parents, a sixteen-year-old sister and about thirty people she could call her friends.

What prompted her to keep diary?

Anne wanted to keep a diary because she did not have a “real” friend. She thought that paper had more patience than people. She had loving parents, a sixteen year old sister and about thirty people whom she could call her friends.

Who would Anne allow to read her diary?

Answer: Anne Frank decided that she will allow someone to read her diary only when she found a real friend…

How was Anne Frank an original creative and imaginative girl?

Anne Frank was a creative and imaginative girl since childhood. She would imagine things and would be lost in her own world. She was creative enough that she tackled the essay given to her by her teacher as a punishment in a humorous and meaningful way with convincing arguments on the topic of the essay.

Why does she name her diary Kitty?

Answer: Ann named her diary “kitty” to personify the notebook as her close friend she always wanted by her side. Some believe “Kitty” refers to Anne’s prewar friend, Käthe “Kitty” Egyedi.

Why was she unable to get closer to her already existing friends?

She felt that a paper has more capacity to absorb feelings than people’s mind. As she thought she was too lonely and had no real friends , she decided to name her diary “kitty”. She mentioned many things in her like on June 20, 1942, she mentioned that how everyone in her class was nervous about results.

Who helped Anne Frank in writing the essay and how?

Quite fortunately, her friend, Sanne, who was quite creative at poetry offered to help Anne write the essay. She wrote the essay in verse. It was about a mother duck and a father swan who had three baby ducklings. The babies were bitten to death by the father because they quacked too much.

Which topic was Anne Frank to write an essay on as a part of her punishment?

Answer: Explanation:Anne Frank got the punishment t write essays as she continuously talked in the class. The topic of her first essay was ” A Chatterbox”, the second was ‘An Incorrigible Chatterbox” and the third was “Quack, Quack, Quack”.

Why did Anne not want to give a brief in the diary at first?

Explanation: She didn’t want just a diary in which she could write down the facts as others did. This statement shows that Anne knew a lot about writing. she was given the task of writing an essay as a punishment .

Why does Anne need to give a brief sketch about her life write about 80 100 words?

Answer: A good introduction helps drawing reader’s attention to the topic. Moreover, it gives background information about the topic. By providing brief sketch of her life, Anne gives an overview of her family, her relatives, and her age. This helps the reader to develop connect with the author.

Do you think Keesing was justified in punishing Anne?

Keesing was irritated by Anne’s talkative nature. He warned her many times and finally decided to punish her by giving her extra homework. He was justified, to a certain extent, in punishing her as she disturbed the class and would have been a definite distraction to other students.

Why did Mr Keesing call Anne and incorrigible chatterbox?

Answer Expert Verified Mr. Kessing called Anne ‘an incorrigible chatterbox’ because he was annoyed at her incessant talking in the class. He had warned her many times no to talk in the class while he was teaching, yet Anne could not resist the temptation to talk.