What does Arachne value more than anything else?

What does Arachne value more than anything else?

Arachne values praise more than anything else. What does Arachne value more than anything else? She thinks her weaving skill is so good that no one can give her advice. Arachne tries to hang herself because Athene insulted her.

What do you think will be the reaction of the goddess Athena at the challenge of Arachne?

Answer. Because of the challenge that Arachne wants to compete with the Goddess, this made Athena furious because she was one of the best in weaving skills. She became angry at Arachne’s foolishness at the beginning of the story.

What was Athena’s weaknesses?

Athena’s strengths: Rational, intelligent, a powerful defender in war but also a potent peacemaker. Athena’s weaknesses: Reason rules her; she is not usually emotional or compassionate but she does have her favorites, such as the beleaguered heroes Odysseus and Perseus.

How did Athena died?

Only Ares and Zeus come as close in terms of role in Kratos’s story. With her death, both the original God and Goddess of War died. Athena’s weapon of choice were 2 swords, though in Greek Mythology, she used a spear and shield. The result of Athena’s death was the loss of wisdom for all people.

Who did Poseidon fight with Athena over?

Athena and Poseidon vied for control of Athens and its surrounding territory, Attica. The contest took place on the Acropolis. Poseidon struck the rock with his trident and produced a salt spring or a horse. Athena brought forth an olive tree from the ground by the touch of her spear and she was proclaimed the victor.

What 3 gods were brothers?

There were once three brothers who were gods. One was called Zeus another Poseidon and the last Hades. They ruled different things, Zeus ruled the sky, Poseidon ruled the oceans and seas but Hades ruled the underworld. The three brothers did not talk a lot apart from Zeus and Poseidon.

Does Bobby die in 911?

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How did Doug die in 911?

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Did Buck and Abby break up?

He is also living in Abby’s apartment. In “Haunted”, Buck breaks off his relationship with Abby and moves out of her apartment.

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