What does as white as snow mean?

What does as white as snow mean?

Meaning: If something or someone is as white as snow, they are perfect or completely uncorrupted and honest.

What is the sentence of as white as snow?

Examples : As Black as coal as White as Snow. These were large and soft, and white as snow. His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool. “The team, Armstrong believes, was ` white as snow, “‘the article says, referring to the Motorola team.

What type of figurative language is white as snow?

A simile is a descriptive phrase that compares two things using like or as. A simile is one way to create an immediate visual image of what you are describing. For instance, you could compare a subject in a work of art (dog) using an adjective (white) with another noun (snow): This dog is as white as snow.

Does snow job mean?

: an intensive effort at persuasion or deception.

Is as white as snow a metaphor?

A simile, like a metaphor, is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two nouns. However, it differs from the metaphor in that it uses like or as to communicate the comparison. Here are some examples: Her skin was as white as snow.

Was white as a sheet?

If someone is (as) white as a sheet, their face is very pale, usually because of illness, shock, or fear.

Is frozen with snow a metaphor?

The second metaphor Hughes uses is: “Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.” This image makes us see how hard it would be to get back on your feet after losing something as dearly important as your dreams.

Is for if dreams die a metaphor?

First off, Hughes uses personification in the lines: “For if dreams die” and “For when dreams go”. Secondly, Hughes employs two metaphors to describe what happens when dreams are lost. A metaphor is a comparison of two unrelated things to suggest they are somehow similar.

What is the metaphor in the poem dreams?

“Dreams” revolves around two major metaphors. The speaker compares life after the loss of dreams to “a broken-winged bird / That cannot fly” and “a barren field / Frozen with snow.” The first metaphor is bleak and the second even more so.

What is the poet comparing to a bird that Cannot fly?


What does hold fast to your dreams mean?

“Hold fast to dreams” means ‘don’t let go of your dreams. ‘ “For if dreams die” means ‘because when you give up on your dreams…’ “Life is a broken-winged bird” means ‘life becomes hopeless. ‘

What is the mood of the poem I Dream a World?

Answer. The persona’s optimistic tone in this verse conveys the fact that the reality of racial prejudice in society, interferes with such a dream. The use of the “abcb” rhyming scheme allows the audience to easily follow the poem because of the rhythmic flow.

Who said hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that Cannot fly?

Langston Hughes

What does this quote mean hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken winged bird that Cannot fly?

“For if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” Meaning that if you do nothing with your thoughts and feelings you will accomplish nothing. The first metaphor that he uses is when he compares life without dreams to a bird that cannot fly with broken wings.

What does the metaphor life is a broken-winged bird that Cannot fly mean?

The metaphor in the first stanza, that “life is a broken-winged bird / That cannot fly” if one lets go of one’s dreams conveys the hopelessness of life without dreams. The metaphor in the second stanza, that “Life is a barren field / Frozen with snow,” really conveys the lost potential of a life without dreams.

What is the theme of the poem Dream?

The theme of “Dreams” by Langston Hughes is about not giving up on what you want out of life. Hughes says to “Hold fast to dreams” and not let them go, for if you do, your life will be meaningless and unfulfilled. He shows this theme through his use of figures of speech.

Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?

— Langston Hughes Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over– like a syrupy sweet?

What does it mean if a dream dries up like a raisin in the sun?

For example, when a dream dries up “like a raisin in the sun,” the image connotes a picture of something that was once succulent and full of life, like a grape off of the vine, subjected to the harsh and brutal sun where it can only wither away into a wrinkled shell of what it once was.

Does it stink like rotten meat Or crust and sugar over?

The next three lines say, “Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over-like a syrupy sweet?” The Dream will stink like rotten meat if the dream dies. This mean the person would lose faith and hope and let their dream go to waste.

What is Mama’s greatest dream for her family?

Answer and Explanation: Mama’s dream is to have a house for her family, a place in a nice neighborhood where they will be safe and comfortable. She wants her grandson Travis to go to a good school and be able to play safely in the neighborhood.

What is the greatest dream of a mother?

The greatest dream of a mother or mama for her family is to see them growing in a good way. Seeing them succeed makes the mother feel worried-free. We can observe the hard work of our mothers. They keep on trying their best just to maintain or give us good life.

What do we find out regarding mama’s dream?

What are the dreams of the main characters—Mama, Ruth, Beneatha, and Walter—and how are they deferred? Mama dreams of moving her family out of their cramped apartment and into a house with a yard where children can play and she can tend a garden.

Does beneatha achieve her dream?

Beneatha is devastated. Beneatha begins to feel better about her situation. Her dream is deferred, but the message of the play that infers difficulties ahead, does not lead the audience to believe that her dream is lost to her; if she works hard, she should be able to achieve her wish to become a doctor.

Does beneatha ever become a doctor?

Beneatha is a twenty year-old college student with dreams of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. Nevertheless, the family makes many financial sacrifices to make sure that Beneatha is able to get an education, even though there isn’t much money to go around.

Who does beneatha end up with?

Unsurprisingly, Beneatha seems to not be into George at all by the end of the play. When we leave Beneatha at the play’s conclusion, she is even considering marrying Asagai and practicing medicine in Africa.

What is the dream of beneatha?

Beneatha’s dream to be a doctor slowly fades over the course of the play, and by Act III she is overcome with misery and nearly gives the dream up completely.

What is Beneatha Younger dream?

Beneatha is an attractive college student who provides a young, independent, feminist perspective, and her desire to become a doctor demonstrates her great ambition. Throughout the play, she searches for her identity.

How is beneatha different from the rest of her family?

Unlike the other members of the Younger family, Beneatha defies tradition by challenging society’s conventional gender roles. Beneatha is also the most educated member of her family and has completely opposite views regarding religion and her African heritage.

What does beneatha name symbolize?

Beneatha is an unusually classic name from the 1960’s. Much like the character of the play, the name Beneatha means Beauty, excitement and wonderment, curious and knowledge-seeking, joyful, playful, artistically inclined to make an impact on the world as we know it.