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What does brazenly mean?

What does brazenly mean?

to face with defiance

How do you use brazen in a sentence?

  1. There were instances of brazen cheating in the exams.
  2. They showed a brazen disregard for user’s privacy.
  3. The brazen woman laughed loudly at the judge who sentenced her.
  4. They showed a brazen disregard for her privacy.
  5. He told me a brazen lie.
  6. She had become brazen about the whole affair.

Is being brash a good thing?

A new study has shown that overconfident people are more likely to land the best jobs in life as they can fool others into believing they are more talented than they really are.

What is the opposite of brash?

Antonyms for brash discreet, fearful, afraid, timid, careful, shy, reserved, cautious.

What is a brash decision?

hastily or rashly undertaken:a brash decision.

Is it brash or rash decision?

Brash suggests impetuousness of an unrestrained, tactless, or impudent kind. To call someone rash, on the other hand, suggests that the person is overhasty, and acts before there has been time to consider consequences. Rash decisions are usually ill-judged.

What is imperious?

1a : marked by arrogant assurance : domineering. b : befitting or characteristic of one of eminent rank or attainments : commanding, dominant an imperious manner.

Is levity good or bad?

In Pop Culture. From Terminator 3 (dailymotion.com): Your levity is good, it relieves tension and the fear of death. In this scene, the Terminator encourages his comrades to indulge in making light of the situation in order to cope with it, as it is otherwise an extraordinarily stressful (not to mention dangerous) one.

How do you use the word levity?

Levity in a Sentence ?

  1. After battles, some soldiers try and add levity to their days by telling jokes around the campfire.
  2. Karen’s parents were serious people who did not seem to appreciate her acts of levity during church service.
  3. When I watch movies, I prefer films with levity, not tearjerkers.

What is a moment of levity?

/ˈlevəti/ /ˈlevəti/ [uncountable] (formal) ​behaviour that shows a lack of respect for something serious and that treats it with humour synonym frivolity. The joke provided a moment of levity in an otherwise dreary meeting.

What is the opposite of levity?

levity. Antonyms: earnestness, gravity, seriousness. Synonyms: lightness, frivolity, inconstancy, flightiness, vanity, thoughtlessness.

What is the root word of levitate?

The Latin root word lev means “light in weight.” This root is the word origin of a fair number of English vocabulary words, including elevator and lever. The root lev is easily recalled through the word levitate: to make someone so “light” in weight that she can float above the ground.

Whats the Latin root meaning of light?


How do you use Fakir in a sentence?

Fakir in a Sentence ?

  1. An Indian fakir roamed the city begging for alms from those who help the poor.
  2. Performing holy wonders throughout Mumbai, the fakir traveled far and wide.
  3. The Muslim fakir charmed snakes and shook his cup for coins at the people passing by.

Who is fakir in Islam?

A fakir, faqeer or faqir (/fəˈkɪər/; Arabic: فقیر‎ (noun of faqr)), derived from faqr (Arabic: فقر‎, “poverty”) is an Islamic term traditionally used for a Sufi Muslim whose contingency and utter dependence upon God is manifest in everything they do and every breath they take.

What is miskeen in Arabic?

Miskeen = Poor Guy; Shabab = Guys.

What is Shabab Arabic?

The word shabab is used in Arabic, Lebanese meaning young people,youth,boys,guys.

Who is a Miskin?

A term in Islamic writing (plural masakin) denoting a needy person, destitute and worthy of being given food on fast days.

What language is miskeen?