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What does caption mean?

What does caption mean?

noun. a title or explanation for a picture or illustration, especially in a magazine. a heading or title, as of a chapter, article, or page. Movies, Television. the title of a scene, the text of a speech, etc., superimposed on the film and projected onto the screen.

What is the meaning of caption in Urdu?

1) caption Noun. Translation of foreign dialogue of a movie or TV program; usually displayed at the bottom of the screen. ترجمہ

What is the mean of squad?

1 : a small organized group of military personnel especially : a tactical unit that can be easily directed in the field. 2 : a small group engaged in a common effort or occupation. squad. verb. squadded; squadding.

What’s another word for squad?

Squad Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for squad?

band crew
force outfit
army body
brigade party
platoon crowd

What is full squad?

full, full, full blood, full board. squad. n. Refers to a teen’s group of friends.

What is the smallest military unit?


Who commands a squad?

staff sergeant

What are the roles in a squad?

Besides a squad leader (Sgt or Cpl) each Fireteam consists of a Team Leader (Cpl or LCpl), armed with an M203, an Automatic Rifleman (LCpl), armed with the M249 Machine Gun, Assistant Gunner (LCpl), armed with an M4 and carrying extra ammo and spare barrel, and the Rifleman (LCpl or Pfc) who acts as a scout.

What is weapon squad?

The weapons squad is a specialized squad divided into two M240 machine-gun teams and two close combat missile teams armed with Javelin missiles. The 300 meter (m) team is composed of a team leader and two riflemen, usually augmented with antitank rockets.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a platoon sergeant?

The platoon sergeant is responsible for preparing the men for parades and ceremonies. In exercises and operations, he is in charge of logistics, medical aid, and ensuring that the formation of the platoon is maintained during movement to a mission objective.

How many corporals are in a squad?

In most armies, a squad consists of eight to fourteen soldiers, and may be further subdivided into fireteams.

Why is it called Lance Corporal?

The presumed origin of the rank of lance corporal derives from an amalgamation of “corporal” from the Italian phrase capo corporale (“head of the body”) with the now-archaic lancepesade, which in turn derives from the Italian lancia spezzata, which literally means “broken lance” or “broken spear”, formerly a non- …

Are corporals NCOs?

In the Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps, all ranks of sergeant are termed NCOs, as are corporals in the Army and Marine Corps. The rank of corporal (E-4) in the Army and Marine Corps is a junior NCO, and is to be shown the same respect as any other NCO.

Do platoons have names?

In conclusion, platoon names are very important. All Army platoons should have a platoon name to identify the uniqueness of the platoon. If your platoon doesn’t have a platoon name, be proactive and establish one right away. By doing so, you will improve the morale and cohesion within your platoon.

What is a group of Marines called?

Battalion: Three companies/batteries are assigned to form a battery a battalion. Regiment: Three battalions form a Regiment (Sometimes called a Brigade). Division: Three Brigades are assigned to make up a Division. Marine Corps: Three or more divisions make up the Marine Corps.

What are some military names?

Army Names 2,800 Soldiers for Promotion to Sergeant, Staff Sergeant

Name MOS Promotable Rank
Adams Donna Jean 31B Sergeant
Adams Eric Christopher 68W Sergeant
Adams Joseph Levonn 12B Sergeant
Adams Lawrence Clayton Iii 74D Sergeant

What does 11 Bravo mean in the Army?

Army Infantrymen

What are good soldier names?

Military Baby Names For Boys:

  • Admiral: Admiral is the rank of the highest naval officer.
  • Benning: The name Benning pays homage to the United States military post in Georgia.
  • Arrow: If you do not mind a straightforward and bold name for your son, go with Arrow.
  • Jet:
  • Lance:
  • Sergeant:
  • Omar:
  • Pershing:

What is the name of a military leader?

A commander-in-chief or supreme commander is the person who exercises supreme command and control over an armed forces or a military branch. As a technical term, it refers to military competencies that reside in a country’s executive leadership, a head of state or a head of government.

Who is highest ranking military officer?


Which branch is in charge of the military?

The United States Department of Defense (DoD, USDOD or DOD) is an executive branch department of the federal government charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government directly related to national security and the United States Armed Forces.

Can US President wear military uniform?

In fact, U.S. Army regulations, for example, state that neither civilians nor those wearing civilian attire (both of which describe the U.S. president) are required to render salutes. The regulation states: “The President of the United States, as the commander in chief, will be saluted by Army personnel in uniform.