What does Chem mean in French?

What does Chem mean in French?

CHEM means “Chemistry”.

What is a French chemist called?


What means chemistry?

Chemistry is the branch of science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of elements and compounds, how they can change, and the energy that is released or absorbed when they change.

Is Je a word?

Is Je a word? As one of the shortest and most common words in the French language, the je meaning is easy to understand; Its English equivalent is “I,” which is one of the most commonly used pronouns in most languages.

Is Je a word in Words With Friends?

New Additions to the Words With Friends 2 Letter Words List: BU, EE, EO, FU, IO, JA, JE, OO, OU, PO, TE, VU, YI. Well, those two words and 12 others are now playable.

Is it better to go first or second in Words With Friends?

If you have the opportunity go first: I don’t care what anyone says, going first is an advantage. If you go first you have the chance to both put points on the board first AND close out the game.

Can you tell if someone cheats on Words With Friends?

It is totally impossible to be able to tell if someone is ‘cheating’ unless you go to their house and check their phone browser history for any of those word helping websites.

Can you cheat on Words With Friends?

Are They Cheating or Just Smart Play? One of the benefits of Words With Friends over analog Scrabble is that blatant cheating is no longer an option. The game checks that nonsense and only allows dictionary-defined words on the board.

What do flames mean on words with friends?

This feature operates on an ongoing game between you and another player and it does not affect your other events or progress in Words with Friends 2. On the third day of continuous game play, a fire emoji (showing 2) will appear indicating the start of the streak. The number beside it is the Days of streak.

What does a green dot mean on words with friends?

A green dot on the profile picture shows if the player is actively in the game and playing. This is designed to give you a sense of how poorly or how well you’re playing on a play-by-play basis. Another major addition is the ability to look up a word in the built-in dictionary while playing the game.

How many levels are in Words With Friends?

There are currently no levels higher than 75, and no current plans to raise the level cap.

What is the difference between Words With Friends and Words with Friends 2?

The main difference is that Words With Friends 2 is usually updated with the newest features before the others. For example, that version has the ability to switch tile styles for each game individually which the others do not yet have.

Is Words With Friends chat safe?

Words with Friends is an online word game by Zynga, much like the old favourite, Scrabble. Over recent months, this platform has become a haven for romance scammers via the chat facility within the app. If you adopt a policy of never responding to random chat messages in games, you will be perfectly safe.

Are there fake players on Words With Friends?

Bots in Words With Friends are computer programmed players that play online games with the appearance of a real person. These fake players are not explicitly stated to be in the game online. This includes players that can play in 6 languages, often play unusual words, and don’t have profile information.

Can you still play Words with Friends on Facebook?

Facebook has announced that Messenger now has up to 50 game titles available to play directly inside the popular messaging app. These include Words with Friends – one of the most popular apps of all time – and classic shoot ’em up EverWing, which lets you delve into a fantasy world and keep the dreaded monsters at bay.

What are the rules for Words With Friends?

Words With Friends 2 Rule book

  • The first word must be placed so that 1 of the tiles is on the star in the center of the board.
  • Every word following that must be placed so that at least 1 tile is shared from an existing word on the board.
  • Tiles can only be placed in the same line vertically or horizontally each turn.

How do I get words with friends back on Facebook?

Facebook Troubleshooting

  1. Open Words With Friends.
  2. Tap the “Menu” button. Then, tap ‘Settings’.
  3. Tap to logout of Facebook.
  4. Log back into Facebook in Words With Friends.

How do I fix Words With Friends?

First, make sure you have the latest version of the game (check in the App Store or Google Play)….Android Players

  1. Open your Android device’s Settings.
  2. Tap on “Applications.”
  3. Tap on “Manage Applications.”
  4. Select “Words With Friends”
  5. Push the “Force Stop” button.
  6. Return to your home page and open Words With Friends.

How do I get rid of unwanted words with friends?

If you open their profile in your friends list, you can use the button in the corner to block them. That’ll remove them.

Why can’t I get into Words With Friends?

Tip 1 – Close and Re-Open the App Like many phone apps, Words With Friends doesn’t feature a dedicated “turn this one program off completely” function. You’ll need to either click out to your menu screen and close it independently or select “close all.” If you’re stuck, that’s where to start.

What’s wrong with WWF?

WWF International, the world’s largest conservation group, has been accused of “selling its soul” by forging alliances with powerful businesses which destroy nature and use the WWF brand to “greenwash” their operations. The allegations are made in an explosive book previously barred from Britain.

How do you delete a game on words with friends without resigning?

Wiping the application data for words with friends (Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Words Free -> Clear Data), then starting the application again (requiring you to log in since you wiped the data) should refresh your game.

What happened to words with friends on Facebook?

We’re aware that Words With Friends is currently not working for players who are logged in with their Facebook account or have Facebook Connect enabled. We’re working to fix it asap!

What happens if you resign in Words With Friends?

Here’s the second thing to know: Sometime between day 11 and day 12, the system will automatically resign the other person for you, and you will get a message that they resigned, and that you win (a cold victory, to be sure). The Internet Patrol is and always has been free.

What happens when you mute a player on Words With Friends?

With this feature you can now mute annoying friends without them being removed from your friend list. Thanks for the feedback! This is a side effect of a change that was made to the system so that if you mute someone in game you don’t permanently mute them and also de-friend them (if they were your friend).

What happens when you decline a game on words with friends?

Will it affect my record if I decline a Match? If you receive a Match request and decline it, it won’t count as a loss – your hard earned record and win streaks will be safe! So, feel free to decline matches without any worry, but we still suggest that you keep the game flowing so the fun will never end!

What does maxed out mean in Words With Friends?

Filters. Having reached the limits of one’s (something’s) capabilities.