What does Cory mean in German?

What does Cory mean in German?

Meaning. Maiden, In a caudron, In a Hollow, Descendant of Comhraidheh. Other names. Related names. Corey, Cora, Coire, Corie, Corrie, Curry (surname), Correy, Cori, Kory, Khouri, Kori, Korie.

What does Cory mean in Gypsy?

Cory – a member of a youth subculture (from cha = “child”) Meow – to steal, from the Romani word meaning the same. Co – a weapon, truncheon, baton (from the Romani word cosht = “stick”)

What is Cory short for?

Related names. Cory, Cora, Coire, Corie, Corrie, Curry (surname), Correy, Cori, Kory, Khouri, Kori, Korie. Corey is a masculine given name and a surname. It is a masculine version of name Cora, which has Greek origins and is the maiden name of the goddess Persephone.

What does Corey mean in Irish?

Corey means “in a caidron/hollow” (from Gaelic “coire”), “maiden”, “horn”, “born late” or “heart” (from Kora) and “raven” (from Korbin).

What is a nickname for Cody?

Nickname – Cody Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Cody – Smartass, Coco, Codester, Codykins, Codybear, Cocopuff.

Is Cory a black name?

It is of Old Norse origin. From an English surname derived from an Old Norse personal name Kori. Common as a Black name.

What nationality is the last name Cory?


Is Corey a girl name?

The name Corey is a girl’s name of Irish origin meaning “from the hollow”.

What does Cory mean in the Bible?

English meaning: God’s peace.

What does Cori name mean?

Cori as a girl’s name is of Greek, Irish, and Gaelic origin meaning “maiden”.

What does the name Corey mean in Hebrew?

The meaning of Corey is “from the hollow”. The name became common in the 1960s after the television series “Julia” aired with the character Corey Baker. Corey means Variant of Cory meaning variously: From the round hill; seething pool; or ravine. Son# 3 is Corey Michael and in Hebrew is Yehuda Rafool.

What name goes with joy?

  • Rosemary.
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What names mean fearless?

Names that mean fearless for girls and boys

  • Mel – One who is always fearless and daring.
  • Kelsie – Daring and fearless.
  • Juliane – Young and fearless.
  • Andriette – Strong, fearless and limitless.
  • Shamara – A battle heroine.
  • Casey – Strong in battle.
  • Louisa – A renowned warrior.
  • Maia/Mya – Brave warrior.

What is the strongest male name?

Names Of Powerful Men:

  1. Martin: Martin Luther King Junior, one of the most influential and powerful men in the world history, has a name that can’t be beaten.
  2. Brian: Brian is one of the most famous Irish imports baby boy names.
  3. Franklin:
  4. Harvey:
  5. George:
  6. Dirk:
  7. Alexander:
  8. Napoleon:

What are the most powerful names?

  • Oscar. Meaning: Old English for “God’s spear”
  • Osiris. Meaning: Egypitan for “with strong eyesight”
  • Oswald. Meaning: Old English name for “power; ruler”
  • Oz. Meaning: Hebrew for “strength, warrior of God”
  • Pacome. Meaning: French for “of strong nature, or pacifier”
  • Quillon.
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