What does Creek mean in slang?

What does Creek mean in slang?

up the creek, Slang. in a predicament; in a difficult or seemingly hopeless situation.

Where does the saying up the creek come from?

Origin of up-the-creek Wounded sailors during Nelson’s time, were taken there to be admitted to the Royal Naval Hospital Haslar to die or recover. The ships moored up in the Solent and the wounded soldiers were transported up Haslar creek by tramline hence ‘Up the creek without a paddle’.

What does you’re up the creek without a paddle?

up a/the creek (without a paddle) slang In a challenging or troublesome situation, especially one that cannot be easily resolved. I have no savings, so if I get fired from my job, I’ll be up the creek without a paddle.

What does the idiom now and then means?

: from time to time : occasionally now and then we go off to the country.

What does occasionally mean?

: on occasion : now and then dines out occasionally We occasionally see deer in the field.

What is another word for every now and then?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for every now and then, like: seldom, from-time-to-time, occasionally, frequently, every once in a while, now-and-then, once-in-a-while, every-so-often, ever so often, sometimes and now-and-again.

What does every so often mean?

phrase. If something happens every so often, it happens regularly, but with fairly long intervals between each occasion.

What’s a word for every so often?

What is another word for every so often?

once in a while at times
irregularly now and then
on occasions periodically
sometimes sporadically
erratically every now and again

What does Rajah mean?

noun. a king or prince in India. a minor chief or dignitary. an honorary title conferred on Hindus in India. a title of rulers, princes, or chiefs in Java, Borneo, etc.

What does Sparatic mean?

: occurring occasionally, singly, or in irregular or random instances sporadic protests a sporadic disease.

What does theoretically mean?

1 : according to an ideal or assumed set of facts or principles : in theory. 2 : in a theoretical way.

What is another word for theoretically?

What is another word for theoretically?

hypothetically apparently
tacitly conceivably
abstractly in theory
in the abstract presumably
avowedly reportedly

What does it mean when someone says Theoretically speaking?

“Theoretically speaking,” and its more scientifically correct cousin “hypothetically speaking,” are used to introduce an informal idea or question, often one that might seem silly or out of place, in order to open debate on the matter or get people thinking, or to answer with a best guess based on some domain knowledge …

What does theatrically speaking mean?

2. [more theatrical; most theatrical] : behaving or done in a way that is meant to attract attention and that is often not genuine or sincere. a theatrical gesture/bow. theatrical behavior. a politician who has a highly/very theatrical manner of speaking.

What does it mean to say metaphorically speaking?

A figure of speech in which a word or phrase literally denoting one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them (as in drowning in money); broadly : figurative language.

What does lucid mean?

1a : suffused with light : luminous. b : translucent snorkeling in the lucid sea. 2 : having full use of one’s faculties : sane. 3 : clear to the understanding : intelligible.

Is Lucid Dreaming dangerous?

The risks of lucid dreaming Lucid dreaming is generally considered safe, but there are some risks for people with mental health disorders. These include: Sleep problems. Since lucid dreaming techniques purposely interrupt sleep, getting enough sleep can be difficult.

What is a lucid nightmare?

for lucid nightmares: “A lucid nightmare is a dream with strong negative emotions. in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming but is unable to change the. terrifying plot of the dream and is unable to deliberately wake up from it.”

What is a lucid conversation?

/ˈlu·sɪd/ (of speech or writing) clearly expressed and easy to understand, or (of a person) thinking or reasoning clearly: The author’s prose is lucid and entertaining. He didn’t seem very lucid after the accident.

What’s the opposite of lucid?

lucid. Antonyms: dark, unlustrous, opaque, turbid, muddy, obscure, unintelligible, confused, unsolved, insane, mystified. Synonyms: shining, bright, resplendent, incident, luminous, clear, trans parent, crystalline, pellucid, distinct, intelligible, rational, perspicuous, orderly, limpid, lucent, easily under, stood.

What causes lucid dreaming?

The popularity of self-induced lucid dreams has grown in recent years. The most common reasons for inducing lucid dreams include wish fulfillment, overcoming fears, and healing. Some studies have also shown a link between inducing lucid dreams and overcoming the fear and distress associated with nightmares.

What is another word for lucid?

SYNONYMS FOR lucid 1 plain, understandable, evident, obvious. 2 sound, reasonable. 3 radiant, luminous. 4 limpid.

What is the nearest in meaning of lucid?

The words clear and perspicuous are common synonyms of lucid. While all three words mean “quickly and easily understood,” lucid suggests a clear logical coherence and evident order of arrangement.

What is compos mentis mean?

of sound mind, memory, and understanding

What does not lucid mean?

1 readily understood; clear. 2 shining or glowing. 3 (Psychiatry) of or relating to a period of normality between periods of insane or irresponsible behaviour.

What are lucid moments?

1 readily understood; clear. 2 shining or glowing. 3 (Psychiatry) of or relating to a period of normality between periods of insane or irresponsible behaviour. (C16: from Latin lucidus full of light, from lux light)

What are some examples of lucid behavior?

An example of lucid is a thought by a person who understands the real reason for how he feels about a confusing event. Thinking or expressing oneself clearly, especially between periods of confusion; clearheaded. The feverish patient was lucid now and then. Clearly expressed; easily understood.

What is a lucid argument?

Lucid means if you approach the text with the right level of attention and background knowledge then the argument is clear and rational.