What does DIN stand for in DIN rail?

What does DIN stand for in DIN rail?

Deutsche Institut fur Normung
History of the DIN Rail Instead, DIN stands for Deutsche Institut fur Normung, which translates loosely as “German Institute for Standards.” DIN is a German organization that establishes standards for industrial and electrical equipment.

What is a DIN rail connector?

A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. These products are typically made from cold rolled carbon steel sheet with a zinc-plated or chromated bright surface finish.

Are DIN rails grounded?

With the use of a DIN rail ground (protective conductor) terminal block, the DIN rail itself can be used as the grounding busbar. This system allows all control components and their ground requirements to be placed on the same rail and in the same location (a separate ground busbar is no longer required).

Are all DIN rails the same size?

Standard DIN Rails are available in 35mm (7.5 and 15mm deep), 32mm and 15mm widths and are supplied in 1 m (3’3″) and 2 m (6’6”) lengths.

Can DIN rails be mounted vertically?

Yep.. You can mount DIN rail any way the things you’re going to mount on it allow. Vertical mountings need end-stops that will hold for the conditions the system will be subjected to.

How much weight can a DIN rail hold?

It can hold components up to 1.1lbs in weight. DIN rails can be mounted simply by using several STEGOFIX units. If the weight of attached components exceeds the load limit or if a more secure mounting is desired, it can also be screw-mounted.

How wide is an MCB?

As to the available information, because of their extraordinary short dimensions (especially the width of only 81 mm), our P-E-P MCB´s are classified as among the smallest MCB´s over the world in the category of short-circuit resistance up to 10 kA.

What are the different types of DIN rail?

There are three major types of DIN rail: Top hat section, type O, or type Ω, with hat-shaped cross section. C section G section

What is an electrical DIN rail?

A DIN rail is a mount for certain electrical components in a control cabinet. The “DIN” indicates that the rail is constructed to a universal standard for its dimensions, and can be used to mount circuit breakers or other control technology inside equipment racks. Typically, a DIN rail is made from a zinc plated, yellow chromated steel.

What is a DIN rail mount?

DIN rail refers to a standardized mount used to install circuit breakers and other types of controls within a building’s equipment rack.

What is a DIN rail kit?

DIN Rail Kits provide a convenient method to facilitate the mounting of the ADC, AGL, APN, APT, CTC, VTD, and VTR Series of NK Technologies’ sensors. The kits can also be used to mount other products to a panel as needed.